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I want her to want!

Hello all!
I'm a 20yo white boy with a 22yo gf for 4 years now.
I've been her latest partnes and with me she has experienced quite a lot. Now I want her to go a little further and look for something bigger than me(6")
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I know she is ready, she has already told me that she has thought about making a threesome with one of my friends but she is not sure at all. She doesn't even want to perfomr oral to someone that it's not me...

We have worked on her holes
View media item 34026View media item 34027She is very kinky, have done anal and she loves rimming :)
View media item 34030View media item 34028So, anything to say? I'm really capable of satisfy her? Any advice?
Everything is welcomed!
View media item 34032View media item 34025View media item 34031She is still tight :)