I want a black baby now&gonna get it:)


Real Person
well i have been wanting another kid tellin my man soon we will try but then i have my first BBc and after 2nd time he filld me up thinkin on being knockd up by him got me so hot and when my white man walks around with myBBC baby makes it even hotter people will know its not his:) and my BBC said im his gs now im thinkin every white pussy should take BBC seed;).so told my cuck this month he is not to clean me after cause its all stayin deep in my pussy so 4sure he will knock me up and ull be seein my belly grow with his baby inside after tellin him all this got me so hot made him eat me out but did tell him if im not knockd up by him next month maybe ill let him cum in me once.heres pic from 2nd time:)


im little scared and so ready to carry a mix baby and guess it wont be a secret that i like BBC hehe the other night he made me cum like i have never did before im so hookd
i think it is really hot that your willing to take a black seed, thats how it should be thought. the husband should be a cuck and the wife should be fucking bbc whenever she wants and however she wants. hubby should have no say, also i would love for my wife to be breed. that is so exciting having a baby with your bbc lover while hubby just looks the other way and raises him