I told my bf I want a Dom


Some day soon I too want a Dom in our relationship.

I told my bf Sam at the very beginning having a Dom was something I absolutely want to have in our relationship, because well, though he's a Dom himself there are things that he just cannot master well by himself. Because his love for me seem to interfere with his dominance sometimes. This is why he's also a cuck, but an Alpha cuck.

Sooooo, lucky for Sam, he agreed to all of it hehehe Also, since Sam is an Alpha cuck, there will be times he would be giving me away to a Dom or Domme or both, to be used at they see fit. At other times, he would play more of a cuck - part where he would let the Dom dictate terms to both of us.

And I know for a fact that he would read this and wank... and cum because he just can't help it.

- Kay