I think it's not only a matter of size...


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I've read a lot of post about the big size from black guys. Some white husbands think that is all the secret to turns women crazy. Well I think they're wrong. I'm not saying that big cocks are not necessaries to give us a good orgasm, but they're not the only way to please us.
My two ex black boyfriends have normal penis (not mandingo's cocks) and they gave me excellent orgasms all the times we had sex.
I estimated a lot their courage when we had sex in public places or outdoor. Like you know, with my first black boyfriend we could have sex over a bus and into a public swimming pool. With my second boyfriend, we fucked outdoors in my parent's court over a chair. Despite he was thin and shorter than me, he could lifted me from the chair and carried me over his arms during our orgasm moment. He showed me he was very strong and it excited me even more. In all those fucks my ex boyfriends and me could have orgasms easily.
Both of them were not shy and they had not virile problems.
In my case I felt it was more stimulating when Dennis, Axel or my husband sucked my nipples or massaged my clitoris during some minutes before the penetration, than only the penetration by itself.