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I suspected, now I know!

My wife and I have been married now for 20 years. She is 10 years younger than I am. The sex has always been great and still is. A few months ago she booked a Vegas trip for herself to go to a friends bachelorette party. I found out later all the people she said was there were not. I didn't want to confront her without proof. Maybe she need a break.

I put a key logger on my computer and nothing out of the ordinary happened for months. So long I had really let it go. Until a few weeks ago, we had a power outage and the computer had to be restarted. In doing so I had to put the key logger in hidden mode upon restart. As I was doing so I looked at the log and noticed there was some extended activity. It was a day I was out of town. She logged into a gmail account I knew nothing about. Sent and replied to a few emails, nothing sexual but I never new about it.

I recovered the name and password and signed in. I was floored. Several emails with explicit sexual talk and some pictures. Mostly to one guy. A few to a couple more but apparently this was her Vegas trip guy. He was also to my surprise a black guy. She has never ever shown any interest in a black guy since I have known her. It upset me to know I had been cheated on. I also learned from the emails she has met him at other places on business trips. Looking back thru the emails it was obviously a convienent situation. She had confided in a friend the situation and they talked endlessly about fucking black guys. She said in several emails how much she loves me but just needed something to spice things up. Well she did that. I figured I would set her up.

I bought a disposable phone and made up an email and contacted her and made up a name and told her to text me. Instead of texting she emailed and asked how I got her email. I told her we met in Vegas and her friend introduced us. I got no email back so I figured I blew it. Then a couple of days later I get a text on the disposable phone from her. She wanted to TALK and wanted to know what time to call. I had to do some quick thinking and told her my phone was being repaired and I was on a temporary phone and could text only.

She bought it. She asked why I made contact. I told her I found her sexy and attractive. Well one thing led to another and she began to talk like I had never heard her. She sent me pics of her. Then pics of her nude. I sent her a couple of pics I swiped off the web of a big black cock and she went crazy! She then emailed me countless pics of her with the Vegas black guy fucking. She even sent a vid of around 3 minutes of her getting a creampie from doggy style and cum pouring out of her pussy.

I wasn't mad anymore. I was incredibly turned on for some reason. She wanted to come to Vegas and fuck. I realized then I found out what I needed to know and had to confront her. I went from a crushed feeling to a kind of excitement I had never felt. But I had no idea how she would react when I confronted her.

I took her out of town for the weekend. Had a nice supper and fucked like crazy. Afterwards I made my play and told her we needed to talk. I knew about the Vegas guy and she was stunned. She started crying and apologizing. I told her I forgive her but had to know why. She said a friend was dating a black guy and always talked about how great the sex was. The Vegas guy was a friend of the girlfriend and they started talking and it turned sexual. She opened up to me and told me it was the most exciting thing she had ever done. She never intended to lose me or for me to find out but that it was all she could think about.

I asked her if she was thru with the deception. She said she was but she still was excited thinking about it. Like I said somehow I was turned on by all this so I basacially told her she could have whatever she wanted as long as out sex life never suffered. She fucked me like never before and as we went to sleep, asked me if I would ever like being in the room when she fucked a BBC. I told her that I would , and maybe one day we could arrange it. I went on to sleep. She woke me up several hours later. She was dressed in some sexy lingerie I had never seen. As I reached for her she said I had to wait, I could have her second. About that time there was a knock on the door. She had joined adult friend finder and arranged for a BBC to come fuck her in front of me. And fuck her he did. For about an hour and a half he fucked her every which way. He finally pulled out and shot off on her ass. I sat in a chair and watched the whole damn thing. I came several times.

After he left I thought she was getting up to get a shower. Nope she gets on her knees. Her pussy was soaking wet. She told me to finish her, which I did. Damn that was hot.

Now she can fuck whoever. Just as long as I know. I told her she was black only. Of course she would be anyway. We have met several black guys and she has fucked them all like crazy. Most say it was the best pussy ever! We play safe but I can't wait to find a trustworthy bull to cum in her pussy. Seeing it firsthand would probably kill me seeing all that cum in her pussy! Maybe we can hook up with Vegas dude!

Sorry so lengthy, there are so damn many fakes on here I just wanted to give a real experience to the masses. I never ever thought I would live this lifestyle but damn I love it!!!
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My first wife swore a black man would never touch her but less than a year into our marriage came home and found her on all fours getting pounded by a huge black guy she met at the mall. Later she said if you kick me out I will make sure everyone knows a black guy took your wife away from you or you can say nothing and she would stay. I said nothing because I didn't want to lose her.