I prefer ladies to respond

I prefer the ladies to respond but I will take any responses really.

So wife always says no she doesn't want the real thing, however her pussy says different. She will tell me to fuck her like a black dick would etc.. when were not having sex it's no no no. Well today I wanted to sext her and asked her what bbc would she want out of all the people she knows or knows of. At first she said I don't know anyone but then she sent a pic of a guy that works at our local pizza shop. I asked her how did she know him. She said her and a friend were eating there and he was coming into work and stopped by to say hi to the friend. My wife said he's cute and has arms like you. She loves big arms haha. So my thoughts are she already has an eye out and has already thought about it because this is the first time I'm hearing about it and she went to that place about a month ago. I know cause I accidentally meet her there with a friend of mine for lunch we didn't know each other was going to be there or we would have invited one another. Anyways I asked her is he cute enough to suck his dick in front of me and she said yeah in imaginary land. So ladies help me out with this, what's going on? Does she want it but doesn't want to say it? Does she not want it? Is she trying to just make me happy etc. ? Thanks


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Many women fantasize about sexual excitement outside of their husband/boyfriend but have a very difficult time taking that from fantasy to reality because of the fear of how it could impact her relationship, her family, her life. It is a huge step.