I Need Help

hi i am a 25 year old girl, and have a boyfriend sine last 8 years,
and i have been faithful to him until recently when i met this older guy from work.
We had some great sex not like anything i experienced before and he introduced to cuckolding,
but things did not work between us. Now ever since the idea of cuckolding is screwing with my head,
my boyfriend,he is kinda submissive and i make more money than him.
I just dont know how to start it


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mayuri, start by understanding what cuckolding is, actually. Although cuckolding originally applied to a married man who's wife was having sex with other men, the past 15 or so years the word has morphed into applying to both sexes (men & women) AND both married couples & unmarried couples in committed relationships.
You take the position, here, of a woman who has already "cheated" on her BF, so your BF is already a cuck, he just doesn't know it yet. Cuckolds don't necessarily know they ARE cucks, in fact, most cuckolded husbands in a marriage don't know their spouse is cheating on them. Cheating (cuckolding) isn't exactly something a woman goes around talking about. Plus, a woman often cheats on her husband because she's not happy at home. A man cheats on his wife for the enjoyment of "variety" and because he's a bit bored.
So, what is it that you're desiring ... for your BF to know & allow YOU to date & have sex with other men, OR is it for your BF to cuckold you by dating other girls? Your post & question are a bit confusing, actually. :unsure:

PS ... just curious, what was the purpose of your statement "I make more money than him" mean ...???? I got lost on that comment.
no i desire him to allow me to have sex with other men......
i just am confused how to break the news to him so that he agrees and does not acts drastically


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OK, so you simply wish to be honest & open with him about YOUR desire to be with other men occasionally. And, I assume you would prefer that he stay loyal (monogomous) to you while you see other men.

One approach would be to buy a lifelike penis vibrator and have him use it on you ... do some fantasy play. As he fucks you with the cock (get the big, lifelike black ones ... see my attachment), you can moan & orgasm and tell him to fuck you harder with the big, black cock. He'll see your reactions to the fantasy play and possibly get turned on and desire to see you with a well hung black man.


Another alternative would be to suggest sharing sexual fantasies with him, and tell him you would like to have a MMF 3-some with him and another man of YOUR choice. He may agree to that, and find it enjoyable to see you with another man. Eventually, you may then start seeing other men without too much objections from him.

The last alternative, is to simply continue cheating on him when you get that special desire to be with another man. Of course, he will eventually discover what you are doing, and that could end your relationship with him.

You're a very young girl, and you deserve to "experience" what life has to offer you. Possibly the best thing to do is simply tell him you still would like to see him, but, you desire to date other people as well for a while.
I would prefer that he stays loyal (monogamous) to me while I see other men.
I really would love the big dildo idea but i think i should go with the second one about telling him about my fantasy keeping the him being involved to a minimum....
And i certainly would not like to continue cheating else i would not be taking so much pleasure.
And yes i wanna enjoy life
thanks for the great advice you guys are great