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    yesterday my wife asked me to bring for her Indian guy she saw him in super market .
    i tried to say no , but she was very serious .
    i am very scary if this guy say no , what i can do ? also we live in Arabian land and it`s mistake in Arab cultures . if this guy tell any body about me :(
    i can`t ask him to visit our home because we do that in Top secret . i am worried .
    i told the Iraqi guy he is our friend ( me and my wife ) , he taled with her to stop that but she was very angry and said never . i think she want this Indian guy for sure.

    any advice from you my friends ?!
    i asked my wife to give me some time to arrange that for her .
    please advice me !!
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    My advice, because of where you are located, is not to seek advice from people who don't understand the culture of your country. Adultery and infidelity are viewed upon and punished much more severely (particularly to women) in Islamic states than in democratic societies such as US-UK. Public stonings are not out of the question, in Iraq, and public lashings are very common. Could you stand by and watch as your wife was stoned to death? Adultery and infidelity hardly raises an eyebrow here.

    You and your wife are doing something that is viewed highly negatively in your culture. You know the risks + your wife is wanting to have sex with a married man who's wife is a close friend of your wife's. That, in itself, is dangerous and wrong for so many reasons. Does the man's wife know that your wife wishes to fuck her husband?

    Proceed at your OWN RISK is what I say! Personally, I'd discourage it. Mac
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    good advice as always .......
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    This is very solid advice
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