i met this girl and need advice..

Its on a "Normal" dating forum in Denmark, And we been talking about fantasies, I told her that I have a thing for white girls getting BBC, And that I would like to try cuckold for real, she didn't knew what it was, and I explained it to her, she said that it sounded interesting, And we chatted about it, Made me so horny I masturbated 2 times (cant help it) anyways.. its 3 days since we had the sex chat and we talking about meet up for a motorcycle ride and some "Coffee".. the thing is that I been trying to lead our conversations towards BBC, but its like she avoids the subject, the thing is that she should do it cause she wants BBC, but she haven't tried it yet, and I think it scares her, How can I test if she interested in trying Black dick, And have anyone any experience in turning there girlfriend/wife into black ?..

I know its kind of wired that I already trying to make her go black, But for the first time ever I've been telling about my fantasy for a woman, and she didn't laugh ore think that I was wired so I will give it a shot.. Please only serious replies


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Martin, there's this old saying we have here in the US that goes "don't put your cart before the horse" ... which, in your case means don't try to get a sexual activity started before you've established a meaningful relationship. Don't you think it is a bit pre-mature to be discussing her involvement in a cuckold relationship before she's even established any kind of a relationship with you, other than on-line chatting? Cuckolding usually refers to a one-sided, open relationship, where the male remains monogamous to the female while the female is free to seek additional sex partners. Note that there's no color/race barriers, or even gender barriers associated with cuckolding. Thus, assuming you were able to develop a relationship with this girl, her partners could be of any race or gender; her partners are not of your choosing.

And lastly, women usually view cuckolding different than men. Men, who desire to be cuckolded, desire it for sexual fantasy fulfillment. Women, on the other hand, enter cuckold relationships because the man, that they're involved with, doesn't fulfill their sexual needs. So one is out of desire; the other out of necessity.

I imagine you've totally confused this girl, because her initial interest in you would usually be out of the prospect of developing a personal, romantic relationship with you. You've shared your fantasy with her; if that hasn't ruined her desire to meet you, consider yourself lucky and next time the 2 of correspond, focus on the personal side of the relationship first and forget the cuckold fantasy until you've developed the personal relationship. If you don't have a primary desire to give her a fulfilling relationship (including good sex), she's not going to be interested in you for long anyways. Women are always prospecting for good, quality men. Good luck ... Mac
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Thanks for your reply, I will of cause take your advise in to consideration, the thing is that we already dropped the bomb, and its exiting for me that she wasn't repellent about it, but I've been thinking the same thing, We see what happens.. Thanks for your input.