I love...

From inside my heart is where I am going here. For me, having a cuckold man is the ultimate expression of love. For me, to be loved by a man in this way is to have finally found real love. How big a heart can one man have to love me even when another’s cock is bigger, and feels better then my man’s.
“I cannot feel you,” are words my lips thirst to speak. When you are in me, I feel a tickle just inside my whole that goes in a few inches. I feel your small balls slapping my ass. You thrust but not in long fast strokes but short strokes of various speeds. You are claiming a pussy you can never fill, taking me back into your ownership, the last cock to cum in me. Strangely enough, I know that a woman’s body that gets regular injections/inoculations of one man’s cum, her body will remember that constant source. She will pine for it as reliable. Remember, a woman is inoculated by semen; she is attached to particular cock because she has had its chemical attractant invade her sexual physiology and lust. I can feel it in me when I have had a man’s cum. The cock I found attractive, then maybe even shied away from somewhere before the date, turns out to be the one I will always fuck again if I can have it. Yes, I love to be semen bonded. I feel good when it happens. Studies have shown it makes women happy.
My Cuckold will be the man that always takes me back. He will be the man that I am most bound too. In truth, a Cuckold must take back the pussy as soon as he can to retain it. Anticipation is a strong sexual stimulus for the Cuckold. The animal drive knowing the pussy must have your semen is one reason a cuckold loves to take that pussy back.
For me, having his semen will make me stick to him. I have to admit, it is a bit perplexing for me as well. Even a Cuckoldress has her personal style and angst. I think it fits well.
To be so desired that he would do anything to have me back. He would wear a chastity device for his cock. He would serve me well. He would desire me and want nothing more then to get into me and cum as many times as he can, before the next onslaught of men take me away behind doors and walls, and sometimes even distance. When I came home with those hickeys on my neck, he will almost cum on the floor when he sees them.
I in turn would always be his. I cannot think of a better relationship. Deep love, deep sex, both partners getting what they want, a cheating wife/Lover, and a man who can never get enough of her. Heaven.
True feelings from a nice, thoughtful and intelligent Polish woman. I have encountered some Polish women in the past, their smooth pale skin white, unassuming quiet disposition and honesty have always attracted me to them.