I love sexually powerful women.


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Looking to find real girls who love BBC and love a white man to be involved in their fantasies. Truth is I had the hottest girlfriend for about six months. Every time she was really buzzing during sex and felt open all her fantasies came running out. She grabbed my dick and said I bet I'd look good with a huge black cock in my mouth wouldn't I??? I was speechless and she did this countless times and had way worse things to say than that....So much so she made me want her to be like that soooooo bad!! She had a thing for hardcore IR porn as well and so she turned my brain inside out. However she never actually followed through with the offer even though I gave her full permission. Now I really want that unique woman who wants to be a bad ass for BBC and be the girl I want to treat like gold!!.....Any takers??
I'm a really cool down to earth guy who wants to be a part of a woman's hardcore sexual desires. I'm not at all small with a thick almost 8" but its not about the me not satisfying you aspect.I'm not a sissy boy cuck and I'm not going to get all goofy on you. I'm mature and confident in the women I like. I guess I'm wondering how many women would really like a normal relationship but have the permission to act out all their BBC fantasies?...Would like to chat with you, support you and be involved with all your fantasies. Not wanting to ever touch a dude but would love to see a girl take a serious pounding. It's so hot cause it's so taboo. Single or if your married and want to know a man is really into supporting your behavior and would love that kind of support...hit me up!