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I love missions: Tell me what kind of shots you want!

I could just post what I have. ;)

Or, I would *prefer* to go hunting for what others want. My mind disengages, and 'Jedi Knight' senses take over. - XXX pics? Hardly daunting. - A man divides his day, and interests.

I enjoy making captions. I can only tap into imagining so much, but I'm a good sport. Creativity is my ally.

I'm set to post what I have, of course. ;)

Also, I am a fantastic academic researcher. I'd not mind switching gears. 4SRS! :D (I'm serious.) - *Shock me*

I'm not so great with the degrading cuckold stuff. Years ago: yes. Now? - It seems silly. I laugh. I laugh at only myself; I laugh a lot, and often, at me.*

*If a Bull or Lady asked.... Flinching is a habit of others. For the established and confirmed....for our Royalty.... Yes? ;)

If life is not fun it might as well be nothing.