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I'm a cute white daddy. I live with my girlfriend who is 10 years younger than me. She's beautiful and she has a hot curvy body with the nicest round bubble butt you'll ever see in your life. And she also loves to fuck.

I'm a bisexual - which nobody else knows except for the guys I've had sex with. My sexual DNA is predominantly straight - I'd say I'm about 85% hetero and 15% gay. But my gay desires are very intense and they are also very specific and limited to only certain types of men. And I know exactly what my gay desires are - I'm a total bottom, I'm a total size queen, and I'm a total slut for any hot black dude with a really huge black dick. I have an 8 inch dick, which is pretty big. And my definition of a "really huge dick" is a dick that's bigger than mine. And for me there is no such thing as a black dick that's too big for me. The biggest one I've played with so far was 11.5 inches!

My sexual tastes in women are much different and I don't limit myself to any physical types or specific physical traits. I'll fuck any girl that I'm sexually attracted to.

I'm smart and I'm cute and I'm a really good guy. But sometimes I'm also a wimp and a total pussy with no balls when it comes to certain things. And one of those things is my bisexuality. I wish I had the guts to tell someone that I'm bisexual and that I like to play with a 10 inch black cock once in a while. I'm divorced and my ex-wife was a great fuck but there was no way I could tell her this. I know I can tell my girlfriend, and I also know that she'll be really turned on by it. And she might even join me in a threesome with a hot and hung black dude. I know all this because she's totally cool about sex and has no hangups about who she or I or anyone else likes to fuck. I really wish I had the balls to tell her, but I also know that I can't tell her and I never will tell her, and I'll live the rest of my life as a closet bisexual.

I joined this site because I want to share my interracial gay sexual desires with those of you who have the same desires, or something close to them, as well as everyone else who reads my profile and is interested or curious enough to email me and see what happens next.

I didn't join this site to hook up with anyone for sex, but I'm open to that with the right person (or persons) and if the right situation comes along. All you well hung and good looking black guys who are also really turned on by black on white gay sex should definitely email me - and who knows what might happen after that......