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I like white women for they know how to treat a black man..

I am laid back out going , cool and relax; I am tall choclate as it could be and well hung.

Ready for white women who love there black men like the phrase say "once you go black you'll never go back. I like white women for they know how to treat a black man right, for they treat them like their king and in return alot of us black brothers out there not the fool ones though but the real brothers we treat our white women like a queen in return. My thing is if she treat me like her king I will treat her like my queen even though me and her going to have some hot steamy, cum mixing, cock throbbing, pussy throbbing, deep penetration, pussy flipping, pussy spanking, wet pussy and wet cock doggystyle bed breaking sex I will still treat my white women right because white women does know how to treat black men like their king and I like that and admire that and they will ride for their black men and their black cock:angel::cool:;) . I am not trying to down the black women because you do have some that knows how to treat a black man but majority of the white women out there when they get a black man they stand by he his side and will love him until the end and don't care what their other negative white collegues has to say that and will stick by there black man and black cock side. So if you are that kind of white women hit me up lets turn this chocolate milk shake and your vanilla milk shake mixing it up together cuming and turn it into a caramel shake lets make it happen. And oh yeah one more thing when a black man and a white woman have a baby they are one of the most beautiful baby with camarel skin or mocha skin and they make a beautiful family together a black man and a white woman. So if that's you lets get to know each other in the bed room and out of the bed room I hope you are ready for some deep, deep passionate love making and for your pussy start throbbing and beg for mercy. Let's make it happen and if you a virgin or you just haven't had sex for a while that's cool to I will make your pussy sang a different tune and make hit the highest note as your white little pussy cums all over on my long black cock, Ladies only reply if you are ready.