I know why my husband likes it . . .

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  1. DeeDeeinCO

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    What is it about watching or knowing your wife is fucking another man that makes you want her to do so.

    Why do you want her to fuck other men so badly?

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  2. MyLovelyLaurita

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    Plain & simple: It's HOT as FUCK!

    Watching my wife become his was one the best and hottest sexual activity I have ever been a part.

    Am going to clarify that the sex part of the entire process could have used A LOT more improvement, and A LOT more stamina. Overall though - one of the best sexual experiences. Ever.
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  3. Bellaazz

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    I can't say exactly either but it is hot as fuck as Mylovelylaurita said. When I first had these desires I had no idea what a cuckold was or that there even was such a thing or others like me so it is kind of cool now that I know I am not alone
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