i have 5 fitishes

what do you want black guys ?

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hi, black guys, boys, men etc. .... i have 5 fetishes -

1. to smell sweaty dirty socks

2. to lick & suck feet and toes

3. to eat black thick cum

4. to sniff & lick sweaty asshole

5. to sniff & lick sweaty balls

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well, as long as you let me stick my bbc deep in any hole i want, then you will have all the black cum you can handle, plus we can go through your fetish list
with this ass you deserve to have your ass broken. Right in the asshole, like a litte she- dog. Even if that's hurt you.. and i'm sur if i was in your ass, you could ask to stop , i'll never let it for at least 2 hours ! My gf like to suck my dick when it is dirty, with the previous cum, when i make her cum on it... after. Do you like to put a dick against your chicks when you suck ?