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I had my first Cuckold, I think...

This weekend my husbands best friend was here. Friday night we went out to dinner and had a good time. We were all relaxed from the wine at dinner and started flirting and teasing each other, but it didn't really go anywhere. My husband and I headed for bed, I was super horny from the wine, he was tired and crashed almost instantly. Laying there horny as hell, thinking about all the times he has begged me to try something new I got even hornier.

After a few hours I decided to try something that would make me horny and see what happened. I got up, in my satin nightie and went into the kitchen to get a drink. Not knowing, his friend was still up watching TV on the couch. I was a little shocked, but so turned on. I got my drink and asked if he wanted anything, he said no and invited me to sit since I wasn't sleepy either. We watched for a few minutes before I felt him reach out and touch my foot. He started rubbing it gently.

As he continued, I rolled onto my back and grabbed a blanket and stretched out to allow him access to rub my feet better. It was great, for over an hour he rubbed and rubbed. I was so wet and horny. I wanted him to jump me and abuse me so badly.

Finally I was headed to bed and said thanks for the foot rub. He smiled and said any time. I leaned in and kissed his cheek and asked if he wanted anything rubbed. He smiled as he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard. With his other hand he lead my hand to his mound. I stroked it gently through his shorts.

When he released our kiss I smiled and said I take that as a yes. He laid back and I bent down and began stroking and then sucking his cock. It was hard, very hard and thick. It was quite obvious he had not had anything for quite a while because it took all of a minute of me sucking on the tip before he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, I don't really know why, I don't usually swallow my husband.

In the morning I was still horny and began teasing my husband to wake him up. He was still tired and did not stir much. I got really mad at him, that is what got him in trouble. I told him he could sleep, it was ok, I would get a shower and then I would have to wait until later to tell him about being with his best friend. He instantly sat up and began begging me to tell.

He did not get the story until late Sunday night, that was the tease for not wanting me when I needed it badly, the punishment is that even though I let him suck me till I came several times last night, I still have not let him cum, either by his hand or my body.

I think that classifies as a Cuckold Experience doesn't it?
Nice girl! Did you like having that new cock for your tongue to wrap around? When do you plan on letting your husband cum? Anything special planned for him now?


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I think that classifies as a Cuckold Experience doesn't it?
Hot lit'l story, Dream. Technically speaking, the pure definition of cuckolding only mentions "intercourse", however, cuckolding has taken on many definitional mutations since its origination. As a husband, myself, I'd probably agree that "any type of sex" between my wife and another man would or should qualify as a cuckold event, even if it was only you receiving the oral pleasures.
It sounds like your husband is on board with your activities, and that's good. Men either get turned on by this or they don't ... there's rarely an in-between. Once you determine your man is one that does, its probably time to accelerate it to another level if you so desire. The key is to always determine that this is a "turn-on" for the both of you, not just you.
You write descriptively well; I hope you'll continue updating us with your escapades.
Best wishes ... Mac

ps ... if you'd experienced your first BULL, he wouldn't have asked, and you would have had intercourse! That's why they're called BULLS.
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