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I grew a beard and she screams another name


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As I recently wrote, my wife was out of town for some time on a business trip. Shortly after that I left for a trip and was gone for a little over a week. In that time I decided to grow my beard out, something I do once a year or so.

When I returned something was different. My wife was suddenly all over me. For months now we have been totally into the cuck and denial types of playing. At the most I would get to cum inside her maybe once a month or less. Which has been great for both of us.

The first night I returned, my wife put on one of her sexy lingerie and climbed into bed with me. She sucked my cock and rode my face and begged me to mount her and ride her for as long as I could. Even after I filled her up, for the first time she begged me not to pull out and when I did, she had me suck her clit and eat my cream till she came two or three more times. It was incredible.

Since then, she has worn other lingerie to bed, or nothing at all. Each night she begs me to make her cum and one night she even asked me to make her my slut. I was totally shocked.

Then, on the 5th consecutive night of her screwing my brains out, we had been going at it for over an hour and I was lasting longer and longer. I was pounding away at her with her legs high over her head and my cock sliding full length in and out of her lips stroking her clit. She began begging me to pound her harder, that she wanted it harder and harder. Then as I began to build to my orgasm she moaned, "YES, Markus, pound me harder and harder and fill me with your cum."

I was shocked and filled her instantly. I came and came and came. I could feel each drop leaving my balls as I shoot it into her. I also noticed after Cumming, I was not getting soft. Where I normally pull out, she grabbed my hips and said, "No Markus, I want more." And continued to pull me into her. I pounded away for at least another 20-30 minutes. Raising her legs, then lowering her legs, then raising them, then spreading them wide. Finally, she arched her back and moaned, "Yes Markus, I am cumming on your cock." I filled her again.

Since that night I have tried to subtly inquire about who Markus might be, because I don't know a Markus. She also wont let me shave my beard. It has been incredible to be used by her for her needs and I love the fact that I am able to satisfy her. I don't know how long this will last, but until it ends, I don't mind being Markus.
That is so hot. Every once in a while I will scream out a random name while my husband is pounding away. It always makes him harder and pound harder. Got to love it.

Did you find out who it is yet?


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My first wife woke me up very early one morning pulling on my dick as I responded by rubbing her pussy she moaned another mans name a few weeks later I found out why as she left me for another guy.