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I don't understand how a white man could tolerate being a cuckold

You raise a very important question. In my case, I have pretty well lost my sense of masculinity. I see Black Men as real alpha men that are far Superior to white males. This means that us white males, when compared to Black Men, must assume our status as white boys. I believe that, as a white boy, I am inferior and subordinate to Black Men. This means that only Black Men deserve pussy, and white boys, like me, are undeserving of pussy. When standing next to a Black Man, I have only a sense of reverence and humility. A Black Man’s presence makes me lose any sense of manhood and makes me realize my inferiority to a real man.


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I'm with you on that one! No real man never stand for such things! But to each it's own..
I have also wondered for a longtime. But everyone has there own thoughts about it. People are different and would react differently to each situation. It also shows a level of openness to share a wife. Maybe it also bring some level of excitement. But as long as it works out. Everyone is happy at the end of the day.:)
I suppose it varies with the individual. There is of course a distinction to be made between the white man who lets his wife or girlfriend have sex with black men because it looks hot, but not at the expense of sex between with white man and his woman, and the white man who is denied sex because his partner's sex with black men replaces the sex they would otherwise be having. Is the former situation genuinely 'cuckoldry'? I would find that situation easier to understand than the latter situation which would be just too much.


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First off, a lot of folks ought to know that there's nothing new about being a cuckold, especially one that involves a white man and his wife. If you decide to read 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X', he as well mentioned it, about being a pimp in New York, working for a white madam whose specialty was connecting rich white wives with black men. Also of rich, white men driving all the way to Harlem to get a taste of the black experience.

As long as the white husbands enjoy the lifestyle, then who am I to say no to them? Live and be happy!