I did it!

I was at the Y getting changed after my work out/swim when I sat to tie my boots. As I was tying it the guy two lockers down came out of the showers, still drying off. He's this black dude I see just about every Sat. there. Anyway, I just finished and looked up when he walked up and I was face to cock with massive BBC! I couldn't belive I'd never seen this thing before in there, after all the times I'd seem him. His crank was 11" if not a foot and as round as soup can. He caught me staring and just casually said " You can touch it. " There were a couple older guys across the way talking and changing but nobody else. So I reached out and lifted it! HOLY CRAP WAS IT WARM! AND SOFT! I don't think my dick is that hot. It was only for a brief couple of seconds then we both acted like nothing happened and finished up. He said goodbye to me as I left, which felt a bit weird and I did feel compelled to hit the hand sanatizer on the way out the door, but that's another whole mental thing I have to get over. But hey, I touched a BCC. And I liked it.
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Thurs night and I'm back from working out. Was benching when who walks up to"spot me"? Yup! Mister Footlong. Ya know how hard it is to lift 300 lbs laying on your back when you look upside down at your spotter and all you see what looks like a loaf of bread in his shorts!?!? And he's an up close spotter so that BBC was right there. I've watched to much porn not to envision sucking it upside down. Three sets and I was done. Thanked him and headed to the locker room figuring it was a chance run in. Really difficult not to rub one out in the shower, but I held off. Again, at my locker. Again he's next to me. Again I'm eye level with a dark black cock. This time the place is jumping and he acts like nothing is up. Gets his locker open and proceeds to check email on his phone all while his cock and big balls are maybe two feet from my head (and mouth. And that's something else. For the balance of my life, these kinds of thoughts never even crossed my mind. What happened!?!? Now I'm like a slut in heat when I see a BBC!). Long story short, just a tease, but I did walk out with him and he said he'd be back in Sat and then point blank asked if I wanted to hold a real cock again. Caught me WAY off guard but I blurted out YES with way to much emphasis (which made him smile) and got a "Good" in return. I wear my wedding ring so he knows I'm married and my wife is thrilled at the possibilities. And I don't even know his name. All I can think of is that warm, soft cock.
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Yet another update! Things are really starting to move! I told my wife about my experience last night when I got home from the gym. She was turned on but after a long day she wasn't up for anything fun after the kids went to bed. This morning I awoke to her fondling my cock and balls! After 20 yrs of marriage, I'm sorry to say, this is a rarity. Her motor was humming good, though, as she asked me all kinds of questions. Everything from what he looked like to how far would I go with him. Then she started talking about a black aide at work who usually is very " attentive " when he's working with her in one of the rooms. She asked if I would suck his cock too to slide between her thighs. We've talked about bbc and played around with the idea, but suddenly it seems like to her it's not an "if" but a "when". She teased me so long that she made me admit, out loud, as a statement, that I wanted to suck a big black cock ( had to say it all, no acronyms) and that if the situation was right, or if I was instructed to ( where'd that come from?!?), I'd spread my ass checks and take a big black cock from behind. She then pulled out our/her cinnamon black fake cock and proceeded to have me show her how I would deep throat his cock. ( This whole exchange conjured up blackmail scenarios, but I doubt something like that from my wife. She just gets off on hearing her husband admit he wants bbc). Before we headed off to work she told me I was working out Sat. First time ever she WANTS me to go work out! Life is good.
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Sorry. No pink font. And no update. Didn't go to the gym today. It's snowing in Rochester (again) and I got tied up helping a friend dig out a car from the snow that got buried by the plow last week. I could head over there now, but I doubt he'll be there this late ( I usually see him between 4 and 6pm on Saturdays) and my shoulders are aching. As far as making this all up, nope. I've been a wanna-be up until this point. I'll admit that, but something had snapped in me and I'm going to follow this one until the end. Do you think I shouldn't post anymore if anything else happens?
I was wrong, there will be an update tonight. I didn't make it to the Y tonight, but the kids are staying over friends houses so we have the house to ourselves. Not 2 hours ago, even though they are away, I climbed into bed thinking I was going to crash early after being outside all day long in the cold, but my wife had other ideas for me/us. She leaned over my shoulder (I was laying with my back to her) and showed me a picture of a really dark BBC and asked "What do you think? " Hello left field! I was a speechless. Apparently she had been thinking about BBC all day, even though I had put it on the back burner. All I could get out was "Nice". Out came the cinnamon cock again right to my mouth. She was intent on me looking at the pic of the bbc and deepthroating ours. The whole time whispering how hot it looked and asking what I was thinking. What was I thinking?!? Who the Hell was this woman and where had she been for over 20 yrs!?! A bit of slobber and drool but not bad. Then she said " Let's get it REALLY wet" and rolled on her back and begged me " Please fucking me with that big black cock, I need it now! Fuck me deeper then I've ever been! " Not sure if she was talking to me or the fantasy black guy about to mount her, but meh, I liked it so I went at her. Multiple orgasms later I pulled him out, all shiney and slick and figured my turn. I got her foot in my chest. Nope, too tired, and besides, she wouldn't feel it she said. I rolled to my side, figuring I'd rub one out after she fell asleep ( something I've become good at. Thank God for Tempurpedic mattresses that don't move when you "do"!) That's when I felt something snake between my ass checks and touch my pucker. Her finger with cold KY. I gave a little moan, which apparently is the international signal for "I want black cock in my ass" because that's what came next. She slowly worked all of the flesh soft cock up my ass ( after a few starts and stops to let the pain and burning go away. ) and fucked me long and slow laying on my side. After a bit, she reached for my shaft, gave it a few pulls in time with her pumps, the whole while talking dirtier then I've ever heard, and I fired a hot load in her hand. As if scripted, it came right up to my mouth. I fought through the whole " sorry, just cam and am no longer horny/kinky/turned-on " post cum feeling and licked her hand clean. She asked if that's what I wanted from my gym friend and she insisted I said " Yes, I want that superior black man to fuck my ass and cum in my mouth. " Then I asked her if it was what she wanted and she said "oh yes, as long as I can hold your hand as I'm getting fucked next to you by Daryl from work." Apparently that aide has a name, and she has her sights set on him. Then a peck on the check and she rolled over and went to sleep. Laying here in the dark, listening to her snore, posting, wondering if that was a dream. But my asshole is throbbing, and my mouth tastes tangy/funky.
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I do follow guy/guy stuff rather close here, but video porn is always guy/girl. Usually interracial, usually black but also Japanese girls in any combo. I think I like reading guy on guy, but gay videos, even bi videos, always seem contrived and violent in a way. Just my opinion. What's happening in life with us is cool, but I do worry that I'm going to get right to the point of making it happen then realize I like the fantasy more then the reality. Holding his cock, as brief as it was, was OK. Actually sucking it might be a challenge. This site has let me open up more to the idea of cuckolding and now bi sex more then ever before. Two years ago I would have never even thought to do what I've done so far.