i cuckold my husband regularly

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    im a 27 year old wife living in swansea south wales. since july this year i have been regularly sleeping with other men while my hubby is forced to watch and take pictures. he knows he hasnt got a choice unless he wants us to split up, he isnt good enough to satisfy me and i need more. ive noticed my husband has become alot more submissive since we started this. has anyone else had the same experience?
  2. steleo

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    Hello, I suppose its asking rather a lot, but could you be interested in a cross dresser having sex with you in front of your husband ? It would make a nice change for me ;) My wife usually has sex with another guy in front of me. Bit of a long shot, but worth a try !
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  3. sabel

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    Go for it, it sounds interesting....could have hubby get her ready for you...as well as clean up everybody in the end....you seem to have things well under control....so this just might be fun... life is short...enjoy all the time u have
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    im cuckold from west mids and have been cuckold for 24 years now, my wife sees 2-3 men a week and some these are strangers others are reg lovers one who is her boss , i end up cleaning her up after most meets and having sex with her loving the silky sloppy seconds , watching their cream cover my cock
    Yes i suppose I have gone more submissive but probably its because my wife has gone more dominant and thats part of the lifestyle loe hear more about yourself and your experiences
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  5. Virage

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    nearly every hotwife I've been with has had a very submissive husband. this is not an uncommon thing.
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    Is he more submissive to you or the bulls, most husbands I have met tend to be very submissive to the wife, who then normally lets the Bull take charge of his training to be completly submissive to both. Message me if you want to know a bit more on how to train him, depending how far you want this lifestyle.
  7. diegof311972

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    As a cuckold I became very submissive when my wife started cuckolding me, even though it took me a long time to convince her to get in this lifestyle. But roles changed when the cuckolding stuff started, not with the first experience but little by little. Now I do all the homework, i cook, laundry&iron, clean, and make sure she's happy. And that's what makes me happy.
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    Hy Sydney. i`m from Adamstown if you like we can catch up, and have a great time.
  9. mozart

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    I stay in swansea as well, we can have a nice chat and catch up, if you are interested
  10. mister cuckold

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    yes i was cuckolded to watch my then white wife with many hung black men, before leaving me for her black african man with 12 inches