I believe the wife is finally ready........


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I think the wife is finally ready for some bbc. In bed she asked me to use her bbc dildo on her. Then she asked while i was using it on her if black guys have big cocks....i told her many do and some are even bigger than her 7"long dildo. I fucked with it and asked her if she is ok with me setting up a meeting.....she said YES! She said she wants barebacked and to have a creampie.....that would be awesome but not sure if thats a good idea with a stranger.. we will have to see. She came on her bbc dildo harder than she has come in a while. The best part is she didnt even ask me if i wanted to cum. Is that a good sign. Going to get pics very soon and detailed info on what ahe is looking for in a bbc. Stay tuned...