I ASKED ....


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My wife and I met when we were young and we loved each other so much. We did everything together. She was beautiful and we were always considered the perfect couple. After college, we married and marriage was bliss. One night, I asked her how she would like to have a boyfriend. She had not been with anyone except me; she declined my invitation. I told her if she ever found someone she thought would be exciting, to think about it just for fun. I mentioned it a few times over the next couple of months and, one night in bed, she asked if the offer still stood. I asked if she had found someone and she said yes. She had met a hot black guy and they planned a date and met at a hotel in a town fifty miles away. She came home after midnight and told me all the details. She told me how handsome he was and what a huge black cock he had. We were both excited and were up the rest of the night fucking. From that point on, she became my whore, meeting several different men. Men have a way to sense if a girl is putting out; guys would approach her and all but ask her to sleep with them. We enjoyed our adventure and would make games out of her playing the whore. After about three years and probably twenty guys, most of them black, she decided she had had enough and wanted to start a family. I miss the excitement, but know she would have never been unfaithful to me without my encouraging her.