I am now a cuckold hubby


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It has been just over four months now since my wife Stacy had sex with a black guy for the first time. She/we saw him for around two months and is now fucking with one of his mate's, Simon. She has sex with him on average twice a week. At first I was always present but lately she has been visiting him alone with my full consent. I know it is just sex between them and have accepted that she wants to have fun with him alone as well. I still get a huge thrill watching his huge cock go into her and the whole new set of feelings I have watching her getting dressed to go and meet him and waiting for her to return home with her used pussy. They often send text messages to each other and Stacy often shows me them and I can tell by the wording that sex is all they are interested in. Lately he has been telling Stacy that his mate wants to fuck her as well. Stacy has told me about this but says it is not going to happen. I drove Stacy to her work this morning as she was still a bit hungover from last night. She left without her keys, mobile phone etc and her phone bleeped when I returned home and it was a text from her friend. I found myself looking at the rest of her messages and found quite a few messages from Simon and some of them were about his mate wanting to fuck her. Stacy said in one of them that she will think about it. Simon had replied the next day asking her again and Stacy said tell him to send me a picture and we will see. She has never mentioned this to me so maybe she is thinking of opening her legs for Simon's mate as well. It is now that I have truly learned that this is going to be how my life is for a while because she is now in love with BBC. Still it was me who got her into this and I am still enjoying the whole experience.
You are a lucky man, I am trying to convince my wife to start having sex with black men, so far no luck but I'm not giving up because I know she will love it. Any advise?
Looks like it is going to happen. We were at his place last night and Simon was fucking Stacy good and hard while she had my cock in her hand. Simon turned and said to me "would you like to see my mate's big cock fuck her as well". I just looked at him and looked at Stacy. He looked at Stacy and said" you know he wants to fuck you good baby let him have some of your sweet pussy". Stacy was gasping under his thrusts, "let him come over baby he wants you bad let him fuck you baby" Stacy looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. "Do you want his big cock in you baby do you baby". Stacy nodded and he said "that's a good girl I will see to it". He turned to me and said "you will see you her fucked real good". Stacy told me later about the text's and the picture but I never let on I had seen them. Looks like BBC number three for her, Simon said he will phone through the week.
Really great. You are living the dream you lucky bastard!