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I am looking white mature lover for my wife. ny white couple 40+ or mature male 50+ should respond.

I am looking white mature lover for my wife.
v r 60/58 from India.
Any white couple 40+ or mature male 50+ should respond.
Let me tell you i have some desires. I have a good sex desire. i have a desire to let my wife have fun with other male. I have already told her my desire. As an Indian cultured I woman she did not say yes on her lips. Then I tried to get a nice gentleman for her. I met some males for dinner and so on. Let me tell you, initially I have not much dared to involve her for such fun. Whenever, and the way, I tried to get male for her, i could not get such males. All males want just fuck in first or second meeting directly without any efforts of friendship, loving and seducing. There may be such type of women, but my wife is not that type of woman, so could not happen. Let me tell you, if in the early days, if she have got such males, she would have been fucked. But now due to age and her big body, she lost some interest. Now I am trying to get a nice gentleman for decent friendship . I wish i could get such nice gentleman for friendship who has a nice heart for love. Sincere love For my wife. So in friendship by love, fun may can happen on its natural course.
I wish some nice bold and liberal couple to become our friend, Wife of that couple to seduce my wife, and have fun with her, it can happen. Wife of that couple can motivate my wife and hubby can love and seduce my wife and have fun with her. This can be if some couple 40+ gives cooperation it may happen.

Please respond and reply on this.
Please let me know about you and your such experiences.
Please respond and reply with your details
Like age?
Marital status?
Interests ? And so on.
respond and reply to
> sedusemywife
i is code. so jut remove i from the word and u wll get my id. my hat id i same.
> >> let us chat .
let us at least be nice friends.