I am her Lover's Assitant


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My wife, Hilary, and I have been married for more than 10 years.
We have a fairly normal life, and a fairly normal sex life, with
one exception: once or twice a week, she stays after work with
her boss to have sex, and once a week or so he picks her up to
spend the day with him in a motel. I won't go into great detail
about how this all started, but I'll give you the basic
information, so you may understand how things got to the point
where they are now.

About two years ago, her boss, Dan, began coming on to her. She
was a little unnerved, a lot surprised, and somewhat pleased that
he found her attractive. He never put pressure on her, and never
harassed her in any way; he just let it be known that he would
enjoy the opportunity to "get closer" to her.
She told me about this, and to my great surprise I found myself
getting incredibly turned on by the thought of her in bed with him.
It wasn't longbefore she realized that NOBODY would have a problem with
this -Dan wanted it, she was more than a little curious, and evidently,
her husband thought it was okay, too. Result: she said yes.

After a few weeks of tentative moves, they got to know each other
very well. She said he was very good in bed: assertive, always in
control, and with an amazing ability to tell what turned her on.
She said his penis was smaller than mine (a fact which I noted
with some satisfaction), but that he really knew how to use it.

On the nights she would stay late with him, she would come home
afterward and tell me every detail while I masturbated.
She realized - actually, we both realized - that I liked her
"flaunting" it; that is, telling me how good it was, how much she
came, how much HE came, etc. There was never any question of us
making love on those nights, since she said she was all fucked
out; even this became part of the tease, as she reminded me that
Dan got to have her that night, and I only got to have my own
hand. As she talked, I would see her panties soak through with
his semen, and after a few more weeks, I asked her to take off
her panties while she told me about her "date."
As she did, his cum would flow out onto the bed - and I learned that her lover
had another interesting quality: he came more than I ever
imagined anyone could cum. A couple of times she dipped her
finger into her pussy and wiped it across my lips, but that was
the closest I came to his semen... for the time being.

When they had the chance to get away together for the day, I
would help her get ready for her "dates." We would shower
together, and I would wash her from head to toe, with her
"reminding" me (as if I needed reminding!) to do an especially
good job on her nipples, her pussy, etc., because Dan was going
to taste her there. That never ceased to get me hard as a rock!
After washing her, she would shave her legs and under her arms,
and I would test to see that they were "smooth enough for Dan."
The best part of that was "testing" the inside of her thighs,
right by her pussy; she told me how she didn't want to scratch
Dan's cheeks when he was eating her out, so I had to make sure it
was *very* smooth there. I loved it!

When we were done in the shower, I would dress her and sit with
her until he arrived. He would ring the doorbell, and she would
throw me a kiss and a "bye," as I sat in the bedroom
masturbating. Dan has never acknowledged that I know about them,
but he's a bright guy, and I think he really knows. Whether he
prefers that she "cheats" on me, or just doesn't want to talk
about it, he never brings up the subject; he just enjoys the fact
that Hilary is ready for him most any time.

On the days when they are not together, Hilary and I have a great
time sexually. She cums several times when we have sex, though it
appears from her descriptions that she cums more than that with
him. All in all, it has worked out very well for everyone!

And it still works well, but now all the rules have changed.
Through two separate events, we have agreed that I am now Dan's
assistant - responsible for his happiness first, my wife's
happiness second, and my happiness... well, I can find my
happiness wherever I want, as long as they are satisfied first.

Here is how it happened.


About three months ago, I stopped by Hilary's office on the way
home from work. It was one of her late nights, and I wanted to
say hello since I wouldn't see her until after 9:30 p.m. When I
came in the door, she ran to greet me. After a big hello, she
whispered that she had a "date" after work, and she would be at
least an hour late getting home.

"You don't mind, do you?" she asked with a grin. "I'm really
horny, and Dan has been making lewd comments all day long - I
can't wait to fuck him."

Feeling my cock grow in my pants, I asked her to come for a walk
down the hallway. As we walked, she told me the things he was
saying, and described the effect they were having on her. "I wish
you could feel how wet I am just thinking about him," she said.

Suddenly - and I mean suddenly, because the idea to say this had
never even crossed my mind before that moment - I turned to her
and said, "Who's better?"

She was completely taken aback by my question. She stammered for
a minute, then said, "What do you mean?" knowing full well what I

"What part of my question didn't you understand? I asked you who
is better, Dan or me."

"Why do you want to know that?" she said, trying to figure out if
I was teasing, or if I wanted her to tease me, or whether I was
just out of my mind.

I really couldn't answer that. I couldn't even believe that I
heard the question coming out of my own mouth, but there it was:
the question was on the table, and my cock was hard as a rock in
anticipation of an answer. "Hilary, you've been seeing Dan for
over two years now. I know you like fucking him, and I know you
like fucking me, but one of us has got to be better than the
other. So, after all this time, I'm just asking you for the
truth: who's better in bed, him or me?"

She sighed. "Look, once I answer the question, I can't take it
back. There are only two possible answers, and I can't believe
that you could be comfortable with both of them. Do you really,
really want to know this?" I nodded yes.
"Okay, I'll tell you what: tonight, while Dan's fucking me, I'll think
about my answer. And tonight, while you're sitting at home thinking about
Dan fucking me, I want you to think long and hard (she laughed at
her unintended joke) about whether you really want me to answer
the question. If you decide you're not ready to accept either
possibility, then just don't bring it up again. If you really
want to know, then ask me again when I come home, and I'll tell

I agreed, and we hugged tightly. As she felt my cock press
against her belly, she smiled and said, "Gee, I wonder which
organ will be making this decision!"

We said good-bye, I wished her a good time, and I went home.

She called at 9:25, to say hi and to tell me they were just
closing up. Dan had gone outside to move his car out of the
parking lot before it closed, and so she took the opportunity to
see how I was doing. She was happy to hear that I was getting
ready to jerk off, thinking about them, and she reminded me not
to cum until she got home. She said our conversation that evening
had made her even wetter than before, and she couldn't wait to
get him inside her. Just then Dan came back, and she quickly said

I spent the next hour thinking of them together, lying naked on
the carpeted floor of the office. I pictured my wife's legs
wrapped around his back as she spread herself wide, and I
pictured her legs clamping tightly around him as she came again
and again. It is really something to be sitting home alone
thinking, "Right now, he's fucking my wife, and she's cumming
from his touch." It was all I could do to keep from cumming at
the thought, but I held out until 10:40, when she rang the
doorbell to say she was home.

I went to the door, naked and hard as a rock. She came in and
hugged me tightly, giving me a deep kiss that lasted forever.

"How was it?" I asked.

"Great!" she said with a big smile.

"Did you cum?" I continued. (I always asked that, knowing full
well that the answer would not just be "yes," but an approximate
number of times.)

"Oh, God, yes. At least a dozen times, but I really lost count
after a while."

"Did he cum?" (Another rocket-scientist question, but it was part
of our routine. Besides, I like hearing that she turns him on so
much that he cums in her.)

"Yes, he came. And came, and came, and came. I thought he would
never stop, which was fine with me, because I kept cumming right
along with him."

I hesitated for a minute, took a breath, then asked, "So, who's

She hugged me tightly, my cock pressing against her shirt.
Looking up at me she said, "You really want to know, don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Okay, tell me this," she said, still hugging me. "How will you
react to each possible answer?"

"Well, if I'm better, then I'll enjoy knowing that every time you
go out with him. And if he's better... well, then I guess you're
going to have a whole lot more to tease me about, aren't you?"

She sighed, kissed me again, and then she said, "He's better than
you are."

I nearly cried, and I nearly came - both at the same time. I
realized that Hilary was waiting for some sign of whether she had
gone too far; she was really worried. I tried to speak, but
couldn't, so I gently took her hand and led it to my cock. When
she felt it, completely erect and dripping pre-cum, she relaxed
and smiled.

After a minute, I found my voice. And then, from the same unknown
place where the question first arose, I knew what I wanted to ask

"How much better?" I asked in a hoarse whisper.

"Boy, you're a glutton for punishment, aren't you?" she asked,
not really waiting for an answer. She looked into my eyes again,
and then she looked away for a minute; it was clear she was
thinking of Dan, and weighing her response. After a long pause
she looked back at me, and she understood that I was dealing, in
my own perverse way, with the information she had shared. Since
it obviously turned me on to know that I was second-best, she
decided to give me the whole thing.

Softly, but without hesitation, she said, "He's much, MUCH better
than you."
I stood there, shaking, and she continued, "I always
cum when you and I make love, but I've never felt anything like I
do with Dan. I love the way he holds me, the way he controls me,
the way he brings me from one orgasm to another. I told you I
came at least a dozen times, but that's not the truth; the truth
is, I have no idea how many times I came. I came the moment his
cock touched me, and once he entered me I didn't stop cumming
until we were done. He's so good, Don, and I'm glad I can finally
tell you the truth. I can't ever thank you enough for encouraging
me to go to bed with him."

She pulled out of my arms, and looked at me as I stood there,
shaking from head to toe, my cock jerking and spasming on the
verge of orgasm. Don't ask me to explain it, because I can't, but
standing there, naked and gasping, I felt more exposed - more
humiliated - than ever before in my life. And the truth came out
again: I loved it.

Once she saw that I was really getting off on this, Hilary
assumed her role of unfaithful wife, teasing her cuckold husband,
with new energy.

"Well, you were right - this really does give a whole new edge to
my affair with Dan, doesn't it? It's not just about having fun
with another guy anymore; it's about Dan giving me what you can't
seem to deliver on, right?"

I nodded, but that was not enough. She made me say, "Right," then
demanded, "Right WHAT?"

"Right," I said, "Dan... Dan..." I couldn't get the words out,
but she demanded that I finish.

"Dan... is much better than I am, and I can't blame you for
wanting to go to bed with him."

"Yes, I think he's got it!" she taunted.
"So, cuckold, let's go
into the bedroom. You and I have to discuss the new
arrangements." And without waiting for me to ask what new
arrangements, she turned and went into the bedroom.

She sat on the bed, and motioned for me to sit opposite her.
Looking at my erection, she said, "Damn, I wonder if that's EVER
going to go down! No matter - I've just been fucked by Dan, so
I'm happy; from here on, you're on your own."

"But, you know what?" she continued, "There IS something you can
do for me, now and every time Dan fucks me. You know, I don't
mind telling you about what we do on our dates, but I really hate
sitting here with his cum dripping out onto the bed every time.
It's messy, and besides, his cum should be treated with more
respect than that, don't you think? I think you should clean me
up after my dates - that would be your reward for letting me go
out with Dan. What do you think?"

I was crazed with lust, horniness and embarrassment. Somehow, she
was right: licking her lover's cum out of her pussy seemed to be
the right thing for me to do. I didn't know if I *could* do it,
but I knew I would try. "I'll do it," I said weakly.

"Great! So, let's get started. Wanna know what we did tonight?
Right after I spoke with you, Dan returned. We locked the door,
and went to the back. He took me in his arms and kissed me, and
we started playing with each other through our clothes. He
massaged and squeezed my nipples, and I rubbed his cock, which
was nearly hard already. After a few minutes of that, he said,
'Get undressed,' and I did. I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my
socks, undid my pants and slipped them off..."

"Please," I interrupted, "show me what you did." Hilary had
always taken off her clothes at this part in the story, just as
she had done for Dan earlier that evening, but tonight she said

"Sorry, I'm not going to do that anymore. On the nights that I
have sex with Dan, I'm not having sex - of any kind - with you,
so I'm not undressing for you. But, when I'm done with the
details, I'll be happy to take off my pants and panties for
you..." she said with a big grin.

"So, as I was saying... I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it
off, then I asked Dan to unhook my bra for me. He said no, he
wanted me to strip for him, and I should take it off myself."
[That was just one of the many times I nearly came as she told
her story. I could just picture the scene, as her lover said he
wanted her to show him her breasts while he watched. That was my
wife he was talking to!]
"So I undid my bra and slid it off, then
pushed my panties to the floor. Dan had undressed, too, though he
never took his eyes off me as I took off my clothes. We fell into
each other's arms again, and as we kissed, we played
touchy-feely. He loves holding my tits in his hands, and I just
gently stroked his cock.

"After a few minutes, I knelt in front of him and started licking
him. Now he was hard, and as I licked up the vein on the bottom,
he shuddered - I love it when he does that! Then I twirled my
tongue all around the head of his penis, without holding on to
it; whenever I do that, his penis jerks and twitches, and I try
to catch it as it jumps - and that makes him nuts. Then I tried
to stick my tongue into the hole at the tip, which made him so
horny he grabbed my head and pushed my mouth onto him. I took his
whole cock in my mouth (which is one of the advantages of him
being smaller than you), and I fucked him with my mouth. I kept
it up for a few minutes, until I felt him shudder and tense up
like he was going to cum. I would have been happy to have him cum
in my mouth, but you know he never does that. He pulled away from
me and said, 'I want to fuck you. Lie down.' So I laid back on
the rug, he got on top of me, and with one stroke he pushed all
the way into me. When he did, I did the only thing I know how to
do when I feel him inside me: I came like mad. I wrapped my legs
around his back and pulled his body into me, to help him get
deeper inside. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled his
mouth to mine, and he made his tongue do what his cock was doing;
he was fucking me at both ends at the same time.

"Don, he was SO good! I came and came and came; every time an
orgasm ended, he changed his rhythm and made me cum again. It
felt wonderful! Then he did something great: he got himself up on
his hands, so he was looking down at me as he fucked me. He
watched me though a few orgasms. then he said, 'I love watching
you cum. It is so exciting to see the pleasure on your face as
you cum. Cum for me now.' Just as he said that, he shoved himself
all the way inside me, and I had a HUGE orgasm. As I came, I saw
him looking at me, and I thought about what he said: he got off
on seeing me cum. So I came again, and thought about it again,
and came again. I don't know how many times I came like that - it
was a chain reaction that never seemed to end.

"Right at that moment, I thought about what you had asked me. In
the middle of God-knows how many orgasms in a row, I thought, 'If
Don asks me who is better, I'm going to tell him the truth.'
Which, of course, made me cum even more, so I've got to thank you
for that. I was off to a pretty good start anyway, but thinking
about what you asked me made me cum more than I ever have in my

"So, do you want to hear the part about Dan cumming? I think you
should, because you deserve to know how good he felt when he made
such a mess inside me. If you're going to eat all his cum, I
think you should know about all the pleasure I gave him, right?"

I was masturbating like mad, trying not to cum as she told the
story. I knew that if I had any chance of actually licking her
clean, I had better still be horny as hell; once I came, there
was no way I was going to do that! I meekly nodded for her to

"Well, he was having a great time watching me cum. I can only
imagine how it must have felt to him, because every time I came I
felt my vagina tighten around his cock. He didn't just SEE me
cum, he FELT it - over and over again. After a while - I have no
idea how long - I felt his breathing quicken, and he gradually
let himself down onto my chest. He wrapped his arms under me, and
held me tightly as his hips moved faster and faster. I felt that
warm, wonderful feeling that I know means he's about to cum, and
I whispered in his ear, 'Please, Dan, cum in me.' Well, that did
it for him. He just about exploded in me: he groaned, his whole
body tightened, and he rammed his penis so far into me that I
thought it would come out my mouth. He felt so good, and I loved
making him feel like that, that all I thought about was his
orgasm. But when he came, a wave of pleasure rolled over me like
an ocean wave that I didn't see coming: I came like I had been
shocked, and all I remember is how good it felt to have him
pumping his cum into me. I really felt it, too - with every
stroke he shot so much cum into me, and so hard, that I felt it
hitting the back of my vagina. He came forever, and as his spasms
gradually stopped, and the last drops of cum dripped out of his
cock, I thought to myself, 'Don's got to eat this out of me.' I
don't know why I thought that, but as soon as I did, I knew it
felt right, and I knew that if you had the guts to ask me the
question, you were going to end up with a mouthful (or more) of
it. And wouldn't you know, you asked me!

"Anyway, he stayed on top of me until his penis got small and
slid out. And right after that, the phone rang, so while he
turned to answer it, I crumbled up a bunch of tissues, so it
looked like I had cleaned up, and I pulled on my panties and my
pants. He got off the phone, we finished dressing, and then we
kissed each other very gently. We left the office, he drove me
home, and I've done my best to keep my legs together ever since.
I feel a little damp, but I don't think a lot has leaked out. So,
are you ready for dessert?"

I was delirious. I always loved it when she told me about her
dates, but she had gone way beyond anything she had told me
before. Obviously, knowing that I knew the truth meant she didn't
have to hold back on what she said - and boy, did she not hold
back! On top of that was my reaction to the news itself: I had
been thinking all day about what she would say, and what it would
mean if he were really better, and now I knew. And on top of that
was the NEW news, that I would be licking his cum out of her
pussy when the story was over; I both anticipated and dreaded
hearing about his orgasm, because I knew it meant my moment of
truth was at hand. All in all, I was out of my mind with lust,
fear, desire and I was as ready as I would ever be,
so I nodded yes.

With great ceremony, she undid her pants and slid them down,
taking her panties at the same time. Good to her word, she did
not remove or even open her blouse; that was off limits to me
tonight. She sat back down on the bed, then laid back, pointing
her still-closed legs toward me. In her finest teasing voice she
said, "You know why you're doing this, don't you?"

"Yes!" I gasped, wanting her to open her legs at this point,
though I am still not sure whether I wanted to start or to get it
over with.

"Tell me why," she taunted.

I looked at her, naked from the waist down, and thought of her
being fucked by Dan just a little while ago. I tried to picture
her cumming over and over again, and I knew then that what she
had felt was not something I could really picture, because I had
never seen her that way; more accurately, I had never made her
feel that way. I was terribly embarrassed, and I knew this was
right, too.

"I'm doing this because Dan is better than I am, and because he
made you feel so much better than I ever do, I should lick his
cum out of you."

"Very good!" she laughed, and spread her legs wide in front of

Her pussy was, simply, a mess. Obviously, cum had leaked out of
her, and her panties had kept it against her body. Her pubic hair
was matted from her clitoris to her ass, with a deep layer of
semen covering everything. A few hairs stood up, with drops of
cum hanging from them. Without thinking any further, I flattened
my tongue against her pussy lips, and licked about an inch. With
the first taste of the bitter, salty stuff, I pulled away... and
to my surprise, and , the semen pulled away from my tongue
and clung to her pussy.

I looked at it all, gelatinous and sticky, and I nearly threw up
as I realized what I had done. This was not some liquid poured
from a bottle, or some cream from a tube; this was another man's
sperm, squirted into my wife in the heat of their passion. This
stuff was made inside her lover's body, and ejaculated through
his penis as he came. I thought of all the times I had cum, and
of the pleasure of an orgasm; then I thought of Dan cumming in my
wife, feeling all that pleasure, that tremendous release as he
ejaculated, as a reward for his superb lovemaking. I was sick,
and humiliated, and so excited I could barely breathe.

I moved near her pussy again. This time, I pointed my tongue and
stuck it into the folds of her labia, driving a huge wad of cum
in front of it as I licked up toward her clit. At the top, I
curled my tongue inward, and felt my mouth fill completely with
Dan's semen. Before I could swallow, it dripped down both sides
of my tongue, and down my throat. I gagged, swallowed, and
swallowed again. With two swallows the liquid was gone, but the
taste remained. I wanted to wash out my mouth, but I knew I was
not nearly done.

I licked all around her pussy, at times sucking her pubic hair to
get the blobs that would not let go. Finally she was clean, and I
knew I was about to cum. I started to move away from her crotch,
when she said, "Wait - I think there's more inside me."

With that, she contracted her stomach muscles, her pussy opened,
and at least a shot-glass full of semen poured out of my wife's
body. I had never seen so much cum in my life! She looked at my
expression of disbelief and said, "He really is MUCH better than
you. Now, lick it up."

I stuck my tongue against the ridge between her vagina and her
ass, and her lover's cum poured into my mouth. One, two, three
waves of semen flowed out of her, and as I swallowed an entire
mouthful of his sperm, I came harder than I ever have in my life.

By the time I had recovered from my orgasm, Hilary had gotten up
and changed into pajamas. I cleaned myself off, and headed to the
bathroom to brush my teeth and gargle. She stopped me with the
question, "Where are you going?"

When I told her, she said, "No, that's not right. I think it
would be best for you to go to sleep with the taste of Dan's cum
in your mouth. You'll be tasting it a lot more of it from now on,
so you might as well get used to the taste."

And so I went to sleep that night, with a film of semen coating
my mouth, and my wife's words ringing in my ears: "He's much,
MUCH better than you are."

The change was half complete.


The second event happened just last week, on Wednesday night. I
was at home, expecting Hilary to arrive in about 15 minutes, when
the phone rang. It was my wife, and she sounded upset.

"Hi," she began, "I need your help."

"What's wrong?" I asked. She sounded worried, but there was
something in her voice that made me think this was not a
life-or-death emergency.

"Well, I've had a shitty day. We've worked like crazy from the
minute I got here. I didn't have lunch or dinner, and I barely
was able to find time to go to the bathroom."

"So, it's quitting time. Come home, all is forgiven," I joked.

"No, that's not the problem. Five minutes ago, Dan asked me if I
wanted to stay and play, and I said yes; he's gone out to move
his car out of the lot before it closes."

"Okay, that's good, too," I responded. "That should help you
relax, right?"

"You don't get it. Listen, he just asked me to fuck him; I
haven't had time to think about it, to get in the mood, to get
wet, nothing. In ten minutes he's going to come back here ready
to get laid, and my pussy's so dry I don't think he'll even be
able to get in. I tried thinking sexy thoughts, but I'm tired,
and I just can't think. I didn't know what to do, so I called

"So, what can I do to help?" I asked, genuinely puzzled.

"Would you mind talking sexy to me for a few minutes, to get me
in the mood? You know, like the way I flaunt it when I come

"You mean, you want ME to talk to you about fucking HIM??"

"Yeah, would you? I'd really appreciate it. I've never, ever been
dry when he wanted to fuck me, and I don't want him to think that
I don't want him. Please, hon - you're the only one I can talk to
about this. Help me out, okay? I promise, I'll bring you a great
big delicious cream pie for dessert if you do!"

At the mention of a cream pie, which I had now just about gotten
used to since I had cleaned her up about five times since that
became part of my "job," I got hard. I held the phone against my
shoulder, and quickly slipped off my pants and underwear. I
grabbed the jar of Vaseline next to the bed, and applied it as
fast as I could.

"All right, I'll do it. Tell me where you are right now."

She told me that she was sitting at her desk, and no one else was
in the room. She would not be able to hear Dan return until he
came in the front door, at which time she'd have to hang up very

I began to get her ready for her lover.

"I want to you think about that first moment, when he sticks his
cock into you, okay?"

"Okay," she said.

"Now, close your eyes. Picture yourself lying on the floor. You
are naked, and you spread your legs as wide as you can, so he can
enter you. He kneels between your legs, then lowers himself until
his face is right above yours. Can you picture that?"

"Yes," she said, and I detected a little catch in her voice.

"Good, now keep that picture in your mind. Think what you will be
feeling in just a few minutes, when this happens. Think about how
your pussy feels as you wait for him to touch you with his cock.
Don't just think about it, feel it - feel it now. Can you feel
your pussy, waiting for him to touch you?"

"Oh, yes, I can feel it."

"Good. Now, imagine that right now, right before he touches you,
he looks down at your body lying beneath him. Imagine how he
feels, seeing you lying there, naked, beneath him. Think of how
exciting it is for him, to see you - another man's wife -
offering him your nipples, your belly, your pussy. Think what it
does to his cock to see you open your legs for him. I know you
love to turn him on, so imagine how turned on he's going to be
when he sees you waiting for him to fuck you.

"Now, I want you to feel that first touch - that moment when his
penis touches your pussy lips, parts them, and drives inside you.
Feel it, feel it. You've been fucking him for two years, so I
know you can feel that moment, can't you? Feel him entering you,
filling you, resting his balls against you as he buries his cock
in your body."

"Oooohhh, God, yes. I feel it," she whispered.

"Well, it's going to be very, very soon now. Any minute, he's
going to open the door and come in to fuck you, isn't he?"

"Yes! Damn, I'm so hot for him!"

"Feel your pussy for me, Tell me if you're wet yet."

"Okay, wait a sec... oh, boy, I am soaking wet. I've soaked
through my panties already!"

"Well, that should make it a little easier for his penis, don't
you think?"

"Good. After I worked to make it so easy for
him to fuck you, the least he can do is appreciate my effort."

"Don, he's not going to know anything about YOUR effort; he's
just going to think that I'm really horny for him. In fact, he's
probably going to think that I'm so horny because I'm not getting
enough at home. You want him to think that?"

I paused. This was taking an interesting direction, which was
irresistible to me. "Well, he's better than I am, right?"

I could hear her smile through the phone. "Yes, my love. He's
MUCH better than you. So, what are you saying? Do you want him to
know that he's better?"

My cock stiffened, and I had to grab the base of it to keep from
cumming. I could not even bring myself to say what I was
thinking, but she read my mind.

"My God, you do, don't you? Wow, wouldn't THAT be humiliating!
It's bad enough that you and I both know he's better than you,
but wouldn't it be a trip if HE knew it, too?"

I groaned. I didn't want to, but I couldn't stop myself. I had
stopped masturbating, because I knew that even one touch would
put me over the edge.

"He's back. I've got to go. You were great, Don. Thanks." CLICK.

I don't know how I managed to keep from cumming when she hung up,
or during all of the next hour and a half. I hoped she was half
as turned on as I was! The whole conversation had ME thinking
about him sticking his penis in my wife, and if the image was
half as real for her as it was for me, she was going to fuck his
brains out. And then there was that thing about telling him...

Whenever she fucked him after work, I would always think about
what they were doing right now: were they kissing, undressing,
touching, sucking, fucking, cumming... Tonight, as I sat on our
bed and jerked off while she turned him on with her body, I
wondered if, and when, she would be telling him that he was
better. Would she really do it? How would she do it? Was he
learning that he is a better lover than me right now, or right
now, or right NOW?

When the doorbell rang at 10:55, I nearly jumped out of my skin.
I went to the door, and when Hilary came in she threw her arms
around me, kissed me passionately, and said, "God, you were

"What? What do you mean?" I stammered.

"Are you kidding? You were fantastic! I was SO not in the mood
for sex tonight, I nearly told Dan to skip it. When he left to
move his car, I tried everything I could to get in the mood, and
nothing worked. Then I thought of you, and I wondered if you
would be willing to get me excited for him. Not only did you do
it, but you were great! I was so wet when I got off the phone,
and so totally horny, that I just about raped him. At one point,
when I was tearing his shirt off him, he said that he didn't
think I'd be in the mood, because of the day we had; I looked at
him and said, 'Dan, I'm always in the mood to make love with
you,' and his cock just about broke through his pants!

"And then something happened - you won't believe it. He smiled at
me and said, 'You look delicious,married lady,' and I came so hard
I couldn't believe it - without
him even touching me! It was like he was
turned on by my body, and he really digs fucking your wife! It
was so, so good, even before his cock touched me!

"I can't tell you a whole lot about our fucking, other than that
I came again when the head of his penis touched my pussy lips -
just as you said I would - and I didn't stop cumming until we
were done. It was great, wonderful, amazing, and damn, it felt
good! And it was all because of you, my love - you made me ready
for him."

She was positively glowing, from the sex and from her happiness.
I was pumping my cock like crazy, and I couldn't wait for her to
pull down her pants so I could lick up his cum. It sounded so
good, and I wanted to share in it, if only secondhand.

"By the way, I know it will be hard, but can you stop by the
office one day next week on your way home?" she asked. I was
thrown by the change of subject; I can't shift gears that fast,
even when I'm holding my gearshift as tightly as I was!

"Huh? Okay, sure. No problem. That's not hard; I'll be driving
right by you on the way home."

"Oh, I didn't mean it would be hard for you to stop by. I meant
it would be hard for you to stop by and see Dan... because I told

I was in shock. I stopped jerking off, but my cock was still
standing straight up, like an exclamation point between us. I
could barely breathe, and the thoughts raced through my mind
faster than I could even acknowledge them. She did it - she told
him he was better!

"What...? How...? When...?" was all I could muster as a response.

"Actually, you're responsible for that, too," she said, in her
very best teasing voice.
"Right in the middle of fucking me he
said, 'God, you're so wet! How long have you been thinking about
I managed to smile, even though I was cumming over and
over. I thought about you, about everything you did to get me
ready, and I said, 'I've been thinking about you all day. You are
so, SO good, I was hoping you would ask me to stay tonight!' (Of
course, I didn't say it that clearly; I kept cumming as I spoke.)
I was pretty sure I knew how he would respond, and sure enough,
he did.

"'HOW good am I?' he said with a grin. And I swear, he fucked me
even harder when he said that, I guess to help me decide...

"'You... are... the... BEST,' I groaned at him through continuous
He smiled and said, 'The BEST? The best means that I'm
better than everyone else.'

"'Dan, you are the best!' I just about screamed. Remember, he was
riding me from one orgasm to another while all this went on!

"'Am I better than Don?' he asked."

"I looked up at him, came with a huge convulsion, and said, 'Dan,
you are SO MUCH better than he is.'

"And with that he smiled, collapsed on me, and came harder than
I've ever felt him cum. I must have had five orgasms just while
he was cumming, and it took forever for him to stop. When we were
done, we laid there together, and he quietly asked me if I meant
what I said.

"'Uh-huh, I did. You're so much better than he is, and I love it.
You are the most superb love maker I've ever known, and he hasn't
ever come close to what you do to me each time.'

"He told me he really liked that, and he asked if you were any
good at all. I said you were okay, but any time I had the choice
between the two of you, I'd choose him in a second. He really,
REALLY liked that!

"We kissed for a long time, then we got up and got dressed. He
drove me home, and when we got here he stopped the car and said,
'Are you going to fuck him tonight?'

"I reached over, kissed him on the lips, and said, 'Tonight? No
chance. After what you and I just did, it would be kind of a
letdown.' He smiled, then I got out of the car and brought my
tired, messy pussy home for you. So, are you ready to lick his
cum out of my pussy?"

Silently, I nodded yes. She pulled off her pants and panties, and
I went to work sucking his semen off her pubic hair and out of
her vagina, masturbating furiously.

"I really liked what you did tonight," she said as I licked. "And
I realized something: you're not nearly as good as he is in bed,
but there are two things you are great at: cleaning my pussy, and
turning me on for my dates. I think we should formalize this
relationship, don't you? From now on, on any day when I'm seeing
Dan, you will be his assistant. Your job will be to wash me,
dress me and talk about him to me until I'm so hot that I can't
bear to wait any longer, then say goodbye while I go fuck him.
Then, when I come home, all fucked out and filled up, you will
clean me up from the mess. And I want you to make sure you
swallow every drop, so our bed stays nice and neat. What do you
think - are you at least man enough to be Dan's assistant?"

I answered by licking and masturbating as hard as I could, and I
came hard as I licked the last of his semen from the folds of her
vagina. Just as I came, she said,

"Next week, you're going to walk into the office when he's there,
and you will know that he knows the truth. You're going to stand
in front of my lover and make casual conversation, knowing that
inside he is laughing at you, the poor little husband who has
never seen your wife cum the way he has.

"Now, won't that be fun?"

And that's how we came to this arrangement: Most of the time,
when it's just Hilary and me, we are husband and wife. Sex is
normal (and you can imagine that I put a great deal of effort
into my work, just like Avis Rent-a-Car used to say...), and we
look just like any other married couple. But on the days when she
has a "date," I have a special responsibility: to prepare my wife
for her lover, and send her off for a really good fucking. Then,
when she returns to me, I clean her pubic hair and her vagina of
the remains of their lovemaking.

Hilary says she doesn't mind that I'm not a very good lover,
since she has Dan to fuck her and me to get her ready. And she
says I'm very, very good at that.

When I think about it intellectually, I'm ashamed that I have
agreed to this arrangement. But the problem is that when I think
about it, I picture my wife having sex with him, and I get so
horny that my intellect just doesn't stand a chance in the
argument. So, there we have it: my cock rules my brain, and his
cock rules my wife. I don't expect everyone to love this, but the
three of us are very, very happy with what we have created.

It's five days until I go to the office.