I am confused what my wife wants?


I am a wanna be cuck hubby, i met my wife wen i just finished high school and she was still in school at that time. We dated for 10 years and now married for the last 3.5 years..

We were each others first partner, although i have dated a few girls b4 her, i remain her first bf, first sexual partner and now hubby.

My wife is completely aware of my sexual fantasies ( watching her being pleasured, and her tight pussy penetrated and stretched by a bbc)

I started having interest in this lifestyle 6 or 7 years into dating, i started talking about it and offcourse she was confused and annoyed. I simply addressed the idea as a sex dream i had of her and i remember the sex after i told her was fantastic.

Anyways soon she started to get attracted to the idea and we soon started having sex on webcam while strangers watched her. I would sometimes ask her to cam herself and tell me about it later, i thought it was very kinky, infact the first time i felt cucked but really wasnt was thru camming with strangers..

My wife enjoyed camming with this one particular guy and he was a white dude in his 30s very well hung and it was the first time my wife saw a erect 10" cock. I m 6" btw and thickish.. anyways i find that my wife was chattin and camming with this guy and she didnt tell me about it. We used to cam thru skype and we had our anonymous email address.

Anyways i asked her about him and she immediately started apologizing even though i remained calm while i asked her about him and even displayed my now very much erect and throbbing cock, we had great sex that day as well.. this is the first time i felt cucked as she hid the fact she cyber played with this guy till late hours.

The second time was this time when she received an email from some stranger black dude, whom she met at a birthday party early this year ( we are now married), in her drunk state she told him abt me and my fetish and exchanged contacts.

A year later he emails her mentioning that he is coming around to africa again for a short project, and continued to explain who he was and what they spoke off.. she told me about this email on the same night after speaking to him for a while thru the day. i yet again remained calm and she was so worried about my reaction which i may add was not violent at all. In fact i didn't know how to behave, as i felt insecure at first but i was really turned on.. AND this time it was come black dude... no pic were traded. And again we had great sex.

Even though my wife does enjoy the idea, she cant do it.. and honestly i am k with it.. But i want her to feel free to talk about it and enjoy the idea without restricting herself as she is a really sweet innocent wife in general but with a dark kinky side.

So the question, how do i get her to feel more comfortable and second question, if you think she is just about holding back from being a hotwife even though she wants it, how do i inspire that kink?


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She seems comfy enough to chat and skype..I think she may be sensing your intrepidation about it happening irl. It sound like the screen apart thing is getting her excited enough for you to get laid and she is putting out the feelers to you and your reception is full of mixed messages...