I am angel in las vegas

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    we are angel and hubby is alsn.

    we were talking about when i had first black cock- well heres an intro to me

    so you were ? when that black meat used you--oh so hot didnt hold or feel or smell and lick or fuck my first black cock untill i was 16..thats when my daddy took me , blindfolded, to alley behind some bar and took me out of car put me on knees and guys cock in my face..dady started me playing with his cock when i was 10 and started having me play with others cocks when i was 14 ( realize now that i understand it all i should say my daddy pimped me out starting at 14....as i squated and sucked cock in that alley--when lifted up before bent over daddy took off blindfold ,for me to see black guy--i gasped and was hesitant to be bent over--daddy held me down--..his black balls -so sweaty--his cock smelled-tasted different for others....I didnt taste black cum untill 4 black cock -when came in my mouth-it gagged me- and tasted so nasty..
    my pussy not too stretched open-all the black men were old and reg.cocks---
    daddy said these old men were first to want young white girl--i would but hair in pigtails-were school girl dress-wite panties--he tell them i was anywhere from 11 to 13 yrs.old.

    i didn't learn to love the smell and taste of black cock untill i was on 2nd marriage and drunk and sucked off 3 youg boys as hubby watched.their cocks so big and that cum so gooey--yes different-which made me even feel nastier

    angel and alan