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i am a guy with a baby mother into interracial role play turning into a mutual addiction

I am new to this site completly new to talking freely about too.... besides the woman i really just had explain it too (babies mother) she made me a sex monster lmao in many ways......i am 26 always kinda been into watchin interracial porn ever since i began watchin porn....but it really started when i met my kids mother she was the sexiest thing i ever saw in my life to most guys a 9 to 10 she is.....used to have guys all races ages looking at her no matter where we used to go i hated it cause it was all day everyday!! well i did get over that because then we had kid and 6 years later still together...the thing is we both have sexual fetishs desires fantasys that we all want but when is that u find a girl who like what u like down to the t! ok well i not a normal sex person and u would never know it cause it is my life style that only one knows about and thats how i always been but i getinto alot of diffrent shit from many diffrent fetish catogories......fisting......hate fuck,extreme gagging bj,being rough like the (meathole) videos maybe even worse lol, choking,fishnet fetish and heels,down to interracial porn sex thoughts lol anything black cock list goes on but ...all was mutual and more than liked...as years went on but very fast we tried fuckin everything i swear we have cause as long as it sounded dirty and whorish she would do it and all this was a turn on cause she was very proffessional looking and very attractive but didnt look like a complete whore....but she was behind closed doors i found someone to fuffil my crazy sex thoughts lol i said ....and she never ever turn any thought down and always tried and she never not liked anything we did and i seen that person to person that we both enjoyed the dirtiest sex ever spittin choking slapping making her cry cuz i fucked so hard ....but her telling me to keep treating her with such anger and straight sexual disrespect but it was a mutual and trusted thing and was never anything but role play that we as people used to euphoriclly like it cause it just turn us on so much we sometimes fucked till i had gave my penis like rug burn and her shit swollen and hanging beat up and ever since then we never had normal sex why cause we as people should be able to do these things and be comfortable if u like it do it thats all....as long as ur public and daily life is normal... sex behind closed doors like that is fine ....well anyways when 2 years past we was fucking still evryday like we first just met thats how much two people really truly sexually got eachother and needed that stress relief and craving fixed everyday and we did....we had taking a split for a year on time and she went back to another state with family during that time this was 2 years into it she left pregnant with my baby i was torn but what could i do 200 miles away well things changed and she came back up right before kid and then she had her up her and we was back to a normal life but it wasnt till i lost her did i start to think bout cock in her and likeing sex the way we used to do cause i cant and will not ever have a connection like that ever ever again and she said the same....well i always jerked off think bout cock in her then went to 2 guys would be hotter i said then so forth just the thought of a huge cock in her and me being a part of it or watching stroking in her face watching her enjoy sex the way we sex eachother i dont know why but so as time goes on we bring up the other people involved lines during sex cause watching porn made us think of just how hot sex was to watch or maybe just act out like complete sex animals witheachother but involve more people more filth more taboo the better....well time went on it got stronger and stronger and was i worried because she was always thinking of other dicks? No not really we had talks bout things related to that but never was it a complete worry or was i going to lose her to another man cause i turned her into such a hoe but really she wasnt but in bed she was and that was her role she said....well there was a time where we was fucking and i have a good size dick for being white bout 9 and thick and not just that its also real clean and honestly a good looking dick u know what i mean cause there r some ugly dicks out there no homo lmao!!!...she was screaming i was fucking doggy diggin in her hard and to the point my dick just hit the end of her fuck hole and bruised my pelvis but we like that lol....she always said for e to fuck her with that monster cock i was giving her it turn her on that i was the biggest dick shes had seen or touched and liked to hear that....well it got to the point i told her that i think bout dick in her dont know why but i wanted her to fuck someone like u do to me i said ....she always never admitted that she was not turned on by dick in her it was the fact that i wanted it in her so bad for my pleasure somehow i didnt believe or get what she meant but years later i do get it anyways .....as time went on role playing hard to such jealousy and me telling her what to do was her thing that we fucked so good like never before we always end up talking bout group or gangbang sex and we both always came hard many times when we talk it...well i noticed she finally started to tell me herself bout gettin some cock in her and she wanted me too get my friend or couple guys and rape her use her cause she enjoyed to see my face and look i give when she says that... she told me i fuck her so hard and deep and with such anger that makes her cum cause her thing was to be a fuck slut and totally submissive so we both got our sex rush when her eyes gloss over and staring into u telling me to fuck her in a devil tone voice lol...i had one more fetish i was afraid to tell her and i didnt think i ever bad enough i told her bout other guys on her....well i always like the black dicks on white girls love that it was huge and almost inmoral size, dark, degrading,pussy is so pink ,a black dick in nice pink white girl pussy looks so degrading and usually got it stretched out and just pure destroying but the girls love it and fuck black cocks diffrent from any other they get into it they really do enjoy it it shows how they act when they spasm and fuckin shake like a seziure every time a black huge dick starts to get fast in them makes them look like they fuckin pissin cum everwhere the best...well my urge to want to tell my girl when we was fuckin that i wanted huge blk dick in her happen all the time cause it was something that turned me on so much to the point i really said to her that i coldnt stop interracial talk nd role play with her cause i am and was addictted to it in everyway she wasnt like that in the begging but as tme went on she told me she never thought bout it at all actually was a turn off for her but i had made her like it and to see it in a pleasing taboo forbidden way she loved how i acted when talk got real degrading tellin her to take blk cock for me but i want to be in it thats how we role play or if it really happened i would be right there letting her get fucked doggy while i face fuck her...so all this interracial shit is now the only thing we talk bout and watch when we fuck ...we used to just be naked in bed before we fuck labtop chillin we would take the time and look for good dirty interracial if u like interracial trust me there are some that u watch that get u going my girl liked mandingo any size similiar ones and had to be atleast two or three in it but girl could be little chubby ,spanish but me and her def liked the skinny white girls pink pink holes and the blackest dicks and mandingo size was what we liked....well my fantasy is half come true she finally shows intrest in it and in a way its degradin towards me when she starts to like all the talk and thoughts but its the only time im subbmissive why do i like it so much i asked just cause i used to hide it while i fuck her but now i can say whatever and have her just tell me to fuck her harder sometimes she gets out of control when shes on top and i say just the right thing she starts slamming that pussy straight down doing all the work screaming with her eyes closed at this point i know she cant hold in how much this turns her on now and i never thought i see her be so bout it...i bring all this up cause this is what i like now and she likes it too for many reasons we made like it but...i still remember the first time took a couple months but i was fucking her doggy and shes taking dick hard but the moe black dick we talked bout or me telling her to take monster blk cock in multiples we fuck harder and she get more aggressive bout it and me too but when we did i knew she liked it cause her pussy got soaked shes shaking alittle never did i see her enjoy just talk that turn it into spasms and a pussy and dick that was literally drippin wet u could hear it was so wet...well we have talked bout really doing it findin black guy around our way to fuck with but still havent went threw cause we are kinda not together as of moment we will always be sexual together so sex we will have ...time will tell but shes still down to do it with me we are in agreement we stick together in the sex dept forever...but ive created such a sexual desire for both of us we both can only give eachother....its too the point if we dont have sex for a couple months obviously cause were not good terms at that moment she must get dick and i get pussy and we know that but try to block what i dont know...we both said when we do have other partners its not the same and tried to have same sex to get over ours but she said its not the same we do it wayyyy to natural lol and thats what suck and is it bad i still love her probably wont be officially together again but have a kid and have some sex fetishes we only can give eachother even includin other guys she likes if they were fucking her shes sucking me and tellin her to let them fuck u good she loved when i used to say i get a couple older monster black man cocks let them cum in u she would go crazy
so now her fav porn is interracial she says and told me she masterbates thinking of us and sex but watching blk porn and her thinking bout bout how i talk makes her cum and how she wants to really try it with me so we are slowly looking to the point where not together living or relationship i told her to look herself and just let me know everything i still jerk off all the time thinking of her i watch videos of us talking dirty one video we did i watch over and over one part shes sucking me saying i have a huge black man cock so i start enjoying it more so i grab her face tell her to suck it lik that big black man cock how she likes it in a mean overely horny and agressive way she didnt care how bad she was puking gaggin making a nasty mess i could see it in her eyes she really liked it and that it fuckin turns her on like crazy liking it so this is a tan skinned irl where 80 percent of guys that check her out are black so it would def be easy for her to fuck blk guy....so when we do c and its been a while fucking im wondering the pussy im fuckin been getting wrecked and im eatting a pussy that now is used to blk cock and i still like it sometimes i tell her when eattin her pussy that i wish i could eat her while gettin dick in her im by far gay or even bi just this is something i guess i have no control ....she cums everyother sec really bad like shes fuckin just pissed and shakes like crazy all over me while her pussy squirts....what im tryig to say what should i do really make it happen and let her enjoy it with me cause im hiding it from other girls i will never tell anyone else when i fuck anygirls it sucks im think bout my bm the whole time gtting owned and shes the only thing that i think bout while im sexual how would i find another girl who allows a white guy get off on blk guys fucking them .....got videos if intrested to prove my fetish
Welcome! Whew... It sounds like you've been wanting to talk about that for awhile! I have similar interests, and a similarly willing wife. You can check out my posts to see what I'm about. In the story board there's on titled "session # 2" and "her night out with master's friend" and on the cuck board there's a post called "my resolution".