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would it be wrong to hypnotize a shy girl into fucking blk guys

  1. no it would be wrong

  2. yes it would be good

  3. hypnotize them to take bbc on command

  1. cuckwanabe27

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    i have often thought of hypnosis there are lots of clinics now to hypnotize people to stop smoking diet and all sorts of things so it would work if you hypnotize shy girlfriends and wives to become cuckoldress blk cock whores right????? any one have any views on this or any one know anything about hypnosis or how to do it ????
  2. falcondfw69

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    Cuck, from what I have read, no one can be hypnotized to do anything they would not do in real life, deep down. Now, that leaves a lot of room. What would they do in their deepest, most hidden moments? How much could you influence them and make them believe they were doing something totally innocent? Your guess is as good as mine.
  3. willsrvu

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    Actually, that is not completely true. There are factors, but many people can be induced into doing things they would not ever conceive of doing.

    Disregarding the previous point, you don't influence them at all, you empower them to control making the choices they truly wish to make. You enable them to disregard or downplay all the "chatter" (what family and friends think, social mores, etc.) that prevents them from choosing what they truly believe is the correct path for themselves.
  4. Torpedo

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    How well hypnosis would work depends on a couple of factors. First is how susceptible the person is to hypnosis. There is a lot of variance with susceptibility. Nearly as important is the skill of the hypnotist. It is not a skill that is easily learned. A skilled hypnotist could probably get a person to do nearly anything if they have the time and can have repeated sessions with the subject. Then there are the legal issues. If things go south your wife would be in a good position for a generous divorce settlement.
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