Husbands status in bed?

Have other wives stopped having sex completely with their husbands? We have stopped we can no longer feel each other as we (wife) has a steady and large bbc bf. Hubby has been relegated to being more of a lesbian lover. Gives oral and uses his fantastic fingers then we use a masturbation sleeve (a mouth, no pussy allowed for him).

What long term affects have you experienced with this?


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I can understand how some people feel that cuckolding means the husband should be totally replaced as a sexual partner rather than the lover becoming an addition to the wife's pleasure, if the couple is in a high protocol D/s relationship.
However, I've been in something similar and there wasn't a happy ending. Not saying it couldn't work, just that it didn't for me and I can't see it lasting as a long term relationship.

Seems rather wasteful anyway. Even if hubby isn't the most talented or physically capable guy when it comes to sex, he must have been doing something to please his wife at some point. Even if all he can do is provide his wife with a willing tongue and talented fingers, that has to be worth at least 30% of her possible pleasure quotient.

So even if the lover can provide 100% on his own, why should the wife give up hubby when she can enjoy 130%? I haven't met a woman yet who didn't want more! :D
Heck, that's one of my Wife's favorite four letter words along with free and sale! :bounce:
Well, as most people in the community know by now, I'm in fantasy world as my wife will is not at par with the idea of having sex with another man. Our sex as this point is great, but limited; more of a good stress relieve. With responsibilities such as work, kids, finances, etc we can't get wild as before.

This being said, if we ever join the cuckold lifestyle, by no means I'm relinquishing sex with my wife.