Husbands best friend took me to a nude beach


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It's Christmas here in Australia and temp is around 35c hot as hell, so a friend invited us to the beach , hubby did not want to go and as things aren't that good with us he told me to go alone.
Eric picked me up at around 7 am and off we went , arriving around 8.30 the beach was quite and as able to get a perfect spot.
Eric has always admired me and I know wanted to fuck me for ages , hubby has mentioned it several times while making love telling me he has a huge cock.
We lay the towels down and I remove my clothes so does Eric and then I noticed his very thick cock , as we lay down it started to grow and went past his belly button then flopped to his side, I felt a twinge and my nipples started to grow.
Eric asked if I wanted sun lotion on my back which I accepted and I did his back too , we chatted for a while and as I was on my elbows I noticed two men not far from us , they smiled and gave a wave Eric nodded and they came over , both men were late fifties very brown and had very nice cocks .
They sat right in front of me and stared at my naked body which actually turned me on Eric asked if they liked what they saw , one stroked his cock and asked if he could touch me , I just said yes he came next to me and started to suck my nipple .
Eric then opened my legs to show of my very wet lips , she's a slut isn't she one asked Eric answered only if she wants to be.
By that stage I was so horny I would have fucked anyone ,Eric got up and asked the guys to ease up as there was people close by who was wondering what was going on.
The two guys moved there towels closer to us and we all had a great morning.
They all had a feel hen hey could which kept me wet and wanting the attention and both kept telling me I was such a slut and needed fucking and that really turned me on.
Eric and Allan went for a swim leaving me with Sid , he asked me if I would like to come back to there flat for a fuck session he had many toys and dildos to use on me ,I agreed so he went to meet Eric and Allan as they came from the water.
Eric was gleaming and asked if I was ok with idea , you have always wanted to fuck me now is your chance I said.
As we got to Sids flat clothes were removed and I was taken to the bedroom Sid instantly went down on me and Allan and Eric sucked my now very erect nipples , Sid started to fuck me and both men gave me a cock to suck.
Sid pulled out and said now let's treat her as a total slut , hope you can take punishment bitch.
Allan got two pumps out and they attached them to each nipple , my nipples became huge as the suction started but it was so good.
Eric started to fuck me when Sid stopped him and told him to use a huge dido instead , she needs opening up they we can all fuck the bitch and cum down her throat and with that Eric started to dildo fuck me , Allan and Sid got moor toys out and I was not complaining I was orgasming every five minutes.
Sid came close , hey slut you like anal fucking if you don't tough shit I am going to open up you fucking ass with that he showed me a inflatable dildo , we will start small then it will get huge so get ready bitch.
And sure enough it was fantastic , it was he best afternoon I have had th men wee great and knew exactly how far to take me , Eric and I are going back soon.


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Well, I do not see how you can question what I say I would do. I would submit to his power & strength!
I did not say I have always listened to a black man. I have not had the pleasure of one, yet!
I hope one day we can talk in a private forum to set up a threesome if we clicked ...watching you taking some black cock in your ass would be a great beginning for you in my opinon....tonguing those black balls while he slammed you would be a preference of mine...