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Husband of user BBCadmirer

After checking out this site through my wifes account I have decided to join. I was under the impression that it was just a place for white women and black guys to mingle but I see a lot of pictures and threads I would like to comment on but don't feel right doing it under her account. Not to mention that its a little uncomfortable getting a message asking her how she is doing or something when it is me using her account.

The pictures BBCadmirer has posted are really because of me pushing her as she thinks she is fat. She loves the comments and interaction with people on here.... not to mention the personal chats she has done.. but the pictures are really my thing, or her, or whatever.. I guess I am just more apt to post pictures of her beautiful plump ass then she is and its an ass that should be shared.

I am not really a cuckold and and more an alpha male type myself but I like group sex and multiple men and one woman gets my motor running. I am not into gay sex either male or female (not against it and to each there own, just not my personal thing) and have no desire to try it not even 2 women. Just good old fashion drinking, having fun, and tag teaming my wife or some other woman.

I will post a avatar and get verified when I have a little more time.

Need to think of a good avatar that expresses who I am but also shows my wifes ass that is built for cock pleasure.
Ok now for an avatar

Maybe a picture of me grabbing that beautiful and well used plump ass.


or doing some dirty dancing with her.


and yes she was drunk and let me give her anal after the dancing.


If anybody else was there she would have let them take her as well.

As you can tell I am a big guy. 6'4" , decent size cock, ex-military, and can hold my own in a fight. I'm not one of the wimpy white boys on here and would not mind showing there wives a good time myself.

So what would be a good avatar? these or maybe something else? This is a Interracial site so maybe just a picture of her ass... I am not sure.

I also dont like to post face pictures and will come back and blur the ones above.
Ok... so second it is. These are actually stills from a video and thats why the quality is not as good. Should I blur the faces more or is it safe enough and are the faces hidden enough from the quality to leave them as they are?

and we are very passionate unlike other married couples I see. I think having multiple sex partners may have a lot to do with it.