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This Friday i took another step into submission with my Wife's Bull. my Wife was detained at work, leaving me home to get the house ready for Arlo's arrival. He has a key to the house but rang the doorbell. When i opened it, He was standing there with the most pissed-off look i've ever seen. He knew my wife wasn't there. i took His coat to hang up. When i returned He had a scotch and water in his hand. Normally, i would be the one to pour it for Him. He stood there sipping His whiskey, looking at me. "Assume the position, boi!" He said quietly. This was not part of our usual routine, but i didn't hesitate to drop to my knees and lace my fingers behind my neck.

When He unzipped his fly, my mouth began to water. The only time i usually get to see His BB Cock is in the bedroom, fluffing him before sex or cleaning him after. He pulled it out of his fly and let it hang there as He took another sip of his whiskey. My eyes were focused on the head or better crown of the cock. It is lighter than the shaft. He stood there and i knelt there for what seemed like a century. My mouth was salivating like mad and my pathetic penis was straining the cock cage.

He motioned for me to crawl over to him until i was inches from his cock. The oder that is only his filled my nostrils. i SO wanted to lean in and take his cock into my mouth, but knew better. Again neither of us moved. my breathing was getting shallow. i didn't know what to do.

His mobile rang, causing me to jump. He answered it. It was my Wife. They chatted normally, He ignored me until a few minutes into the conversation. By this time my eyes were closed and i was trying to control my breathing. They opened when he tapped my nose with the head of is cock. "Open" was all he said. i opened my mouth wide, letting my tongue cover my bottom teeth.

The feeling of his cock head resting on my tongue was pure heaven. "Yes he is." I heard him say to my wife as he pushed in, just touching the back of my throat. He rested his free hand on the top of my head, moving me back and forth. This continued as they spoke, his going a little deeper with each inward move.

"I'll tell him." i heard Him say before resting the phone on the table. His other hand now grasped the side of my head. "Diana said you've wanted this for a long time. She won't be home for a while."

Normally, when i fluff him until he is hard, this is as far as i go before being sent out of the room. He was hard now but His cock was still in my mouth, dripping pre-cum. When He is semi-hard i can deep throat him, but not now. my jaw was stretched and my lips felt they were going to rip as he now moved my head faster, pushing a little too deep, causing me to gag now and then. i totally surrender myself to him. my mouth and throat were his to use as hard as he wanted.

i came back to earth when the first explosion of semen filled my mouth above its capacity, drooling down my chin and onto my shirt. He pulled out then and finished, coating my face, neck and chest. He playfully swung his Cock back and forth, slapping my face with it. i went into cleaning mode from his balls up until he tucked himself back into his pants telling me to make him another drink.

The semen was left to dry on my face and clothes. Not another word was said when my wife came home. i served them dinner, did my duties in the bedroom and went to sleep in the guest room with the odor of his drying semen reminding me of the first time i was allowed to complete serving his cock.