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beginner ... usually you will have a partner interested in humiliation when there is a particular partner relationship that exists, like "master/slave", or "BDSM", or a dominant & submissive.
Humiliation comes in 2 flavors, consensual & denigrating:
Consensual humiliation is synomynous with "humbling", and usually submissives decide, themselves, who they allow to be their dominant & humiliator. It's a show of loyalty to those they wish to honor & show respect.

Denigrating is abusive & insulting, is not welcomed by the submissive, and actually can damage the self-esteem/self respect of the submissive. For example, in a consensual humiliation, the humiliator can call the submissive a "wimpy, fag, cum-sucking, sissy boi" and the submissive would honor that humiliation. On the other hand, those same words coming from someone the submissive didn't have loyalty/respect too, would be taken as insulting and abusive, or denigrating. The military often use denigrating humiliation on their prisoners or individuals they wish to break morale.

Also, its good to know that humiliation comes in psychological types (name calling i.e like slut, wimp, cuckyboi, and sex denial, isolation, etc) and physical types (spankings, cocklocks, bondage, etc). And again, how these things are received & accepted is based upon whether the submissive feels it is consensual or denigrating.

By the way, most all this comes right out of Psychology 101; lots of stuff written on this. :)


everyone is case by case basis but for me its something i enjoy with my dom .... being there fantasy and filling a role for them is very powerful experience and very satisfying making them happy and having my limits pushed more and more with someone you trust giving up control for a while also can be very freeing experience.

Acts of humiliation shows your level of giving yourself to another for there happiness.. for some its a enjoyment of that feeling of doing those acts of how far they can go from there normal everyday behavior... for others its making it past the acts the dom wants to get past it and to the point after the dom is satisfied then switches to a loving role.

Its nice as a diversion from everyday life a escape to have these experiences but there are some that get to into there character and try and make this 24/7 everyone has there own ideas for it. Its just what everyone is comfortable with.

Its sometimes a hard thing to balance being in role and then after the "dom" after a great session will be very loving after its a very satisfying experience to have that after a session to.

Sorry if im a bit out of it .... just got home ::mstickle: still feeling good....



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if you think about "cuckold feeling", it's like a kind of humiliation. When Susie, my wife told me, that her ex black boyfriend Axel, had made her yell of pleasure, during one of their first fuck, when they had a relationship, I felt excited rather than angry. Even I encouraged her to have sex with Axel in front of me, if she wished to.
my enjoyment as a cuck is based entirely on humiliation. my wife insisted i approach her bull & offer her to him, i always ask to watch & get pleasure from being refused, (although i'm sometimes allowed to watch her undress for him), & i always pay her bull to fuck her, usually paying extra to get him to come on her face. this works best when i meet them after a hotel session & they're waiting in the lobby or bar with his semen running down her face.
Why do some people like tits, legs or feet, or ass? Or redheads? Or sex in taboo places (elevators, parks, my wifes classroom during lunch years ago when she was the trainer for the company she worked at)?

All individual explanations aside, who knows why people enjoy what they enjoy? Gay, straight, filled with kinks or as vanilla as they come as long as everyone is getting what they need then no harm, no foul.