Humiliation Pt. 1/Eric Wears a Hat


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Eric Wears a Hat

The elevator doors gave a ping! sound and then hushed open for us. Hailey first stepped out and then I followed her as the elevator doors closed behind us and returned down to the lobby of the hotel building. Hailey turned her head first left and then right of the wide corridor, trying to guess what the door of the number she had written down on a piece of paper in her hand.

“It’s this way,” she pointed at the left, and I had no choice but to take her word for it and follow her as we made our way down. Though I couldn’t help being the sceptic that I often usually was.

“Honey, you sure we’re on the right floor?” I asked her.

My wife glanced at me irritably. “Of course I’m sure. The room’s down here somewhere and he’s already there waiting for us, so stop your whining.”

Hailey and I have been married for six years now, though for a large chunk of our marital years, it was she who, unbeknownst to others around us, wore the pants in the house. My means of satisfying her leisurely had diminished over time, both in bed and out. Especially in bed; all I did now was bring home the bread. We were here at the Silver City Hotel to meet with one of her online lovers whom she’d connected with over the past couple of weeks. She had a long string of them, I could barely keep up with their names. However there seemed to be something special about this one. It was one night in bed while I was busy pleasuring her with my tongue and fucking her with her 9-inch black rubber dildo that she gushed about the size of his cock, how she couldn’t wait to get her hands wrapped around it. What else could I do but listen to her erotic confessions, intermingled with her moans, while I did my best nibbling on her clitoris at the same time jamming the head of her dildo harder into her cunt.

She is a very beautiful woman, my wife is. Tall, with a statuesque type of figure, yet she wasn’t slender. She’d packed on some weight over the years since we got married, although unlike me who’d grown paunchy till present. Hers had more or less added more compliment to her figure, as well as blessed her with a more outward frame unlike she used to have before. Her ass was a bit more protruding now, and her tits though they seemed to sag a little, still were gorgeous to grasp. She has online accounts with various online social networking sites, including adult ones. I know this because I’ve assisted taking her snapshots and helping her post all of them unto her profile pages. Sometimes when she’s not around, I log unto her site and glance to see how well the responses she’d been getting. They were more than a few, almost a new one coming every ten-fifteen minutes and all of them asking for the same thing – When can we meet?

I don’t know how steadily she hooked up with them, if in fact she really did hook up with all of them, but I knew whenever she did she ended up getting what she deserved – getting fucked hard. One time she returned home with some guy’s spunk over her hair, and she’d just been to the hair salon that morning! It was a Saturday that day so id stayed at home and waited till she got back enough for us to have our own hot sex and then while we took a break revelled in her story about what she’d met and how long the fuck session had lasted. It got me hot and excited when she did such.

So now here we were – at the S.C, to see her latest. She was dressed in a simple knee-length dress with flowery embroidery while I was in chinos and a tight-fitting t-shirt that pushed out my tummy. Normally she didn’t bring me along, but along the ride she’d told me the guy had insisted on seeing me; who was I to refuse, not when Hailey as well seconds the motion. We got to the door and she knocked. The door came open and though there wasn’t anyone standing there, a voice inside told us to come in. We did as told, and the door went shut behind me and Hailey and I both turned our heads to take in the masculine black man standing there.

He wore an undershirt and jeans and was impressively tall and broad as a grizzle bear. His shoulders rippled with muscle all the way down to his massive arms. His face was curled in a scowl as his eyes sized both of us up. Hailey broke into a smile and went and wrapped her arms around his neck while he pulled her body towards his for a hug; I could do nothing but stand there and ogle his size.

“Hey there Jake,” she stretched herself and kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you finally made it.”

“I would have gotten sooner, but my flight got a little hitch,” he said. “Anyway, how come your ass is late? I told you to get here on the dot of ten; it’s way past ten thirty right now. What gives?”

“I’m sorry babe, but we met with some traffic along with wa–”

“Nah, nah, fuck that,” he waged a finger before her face like an adult would do to a stubborn baby. “Your ass is late, end of story.” It was then he switched his brown scowling eyes at me. “This your man?”

She turned to glance at me. “Yes, this is my darling Eric. Eric, don’t be shy, come over here and say hi.”

I came forward and stuck my hand out. “Hello there.”

He grasped my hand in a shake and I had to control myself from not wincing from the squeeze he gave me. “What’s up, Eric. You ready to wear your hat on today?”

I was confused. “What hat?”

“Come on with me and I’ll show you.” He pulled my wife along towards the direction of the bedroom; his large black hand squeezed her ass from behind her dress leading her along while I followed behind.

They were already necking even before they stepped into the bedroom. Jake pushed her to the bed, told her to wait her ass there for him while he went to the closet and bent down to take something out of his bag. I stood by the doorway, wondering whatever it could be. It didn’t take long for me to realize what it was – an origami paper cap. He grinned at me as he approached with the cap in his hand.

“Here’s your cap, white boy,” he said to me. “But first, you’re gonna have to strip. Ain’t no good you having this one when you’re all clothed-up. SO STRIP!

His last words came at me with the force of a Drill Sergeant’s snap, making me jump in my shoes. Right away I pulled my t-shirt from out of his chinos and worked my arms to taking it off from my head. Less than a minute later I was working my belt buckle and zipper and pulling my legs off from my pants. I stumbled out of my shoes and remained there in just my boxers; my hand shielded my erection which was getting a wake-up call from the explosive situation that was about to happen. Jake though wasn’t satisfied and indicated from me to get myself out of it as well; I did as he told me to. He grinned with mischief at the worthless sight that was my cock.

“That’s a tiny little ding-a-ling you’ve got there, Eric boy,” he laughed, and then opened the paper cap and placed it on the crown of my head like I was a king being crowned. Hailey, who’d already helped herself out of her dress except for her bra and matching thong panties, sat up on the bed laughing at my predicament. Jake took a step back from me to admire my new outfit and he too burst into laughter.

“Eric, you sure are one cute white boy,” his body frame shook with his laughter. “I ought to find a lover boy who’s gonna take care of you while I take care of your woman. I’ll bet you’d like that won’t you?”

“Yes sir, I certainly would,” I said.

“Good. Now why don’t you sit your ass there on that stool by the wall and watch us get down.”

He indicated at a stool by the far corner of the wall and I planted myself on it, caressing my cock with my hand while he turned his attention towards my wife.

“Come here you big bear you,” Hailey cooed, reaching out towards him and pulling him to the bed.

Jake came to her and their lips met for a long, passionate kiss. They rolled over each other on the bed. Hailey came on top of him, her panties and bra outlining the pale beauty of her white skin which was further enhanced with Jake grasping her butt cheeks while their lips remained entwined. While he helped himself out of his undershirt, she crawled between his legs and went working on his jeans. She freed his cock from within and held it out like a discovered prize which she then indicated at me.

“Ever seen a cock this big, honey?” she drooled. “It’s so much bigger than that tiny pecker you’ve got there with you.”

It was an impressive-looking cock, I’ll admit to that. Also she was right that it was no comparison with the tiny feature I was bearing – my humiliation was riding me with excitement as I watched her take the thick round head of his cock into her mouth. Her head went down on him and barely came back up for air. She rolled her mouth over and around his cock like a wine opener while her other hand dug further into his jeans to play with his balls. Jake helped her in pulling his jeans further down his thighs to give her a much better access. He brought his hands over her head and held it there while his hips began jerking upwards, fucking her mouth with his tool. Hailey made grunting noises from it. When eventually she pulled herself free from his cock, gasping for air while she did, a long string of saliva stuck from her lips to his cock, looking like a giant spider web. She returned her head back to work, sucking him some more with more vigour that she ever bestowed upon me; I went on stroking my cock, watching like a punished school boy with my dunce cap nesting on my head.

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