Humiliation/Comparison fetish


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This makes me laugh, How many superior BBC's are billionaires ? Now that would qualify as superior. I have nothing against black men whether they have BBC's or not. This movement will fall short unless name calling ,boasting and white wimpy men start thinking with their the head, the one between your shoulders. Hey some fantasies come true.
-_- Can you go somewhere else with the social commentary? I could write a 12 page paper on how humans are far too complex for superiority to be broken down between Alpha and Beta. And rich doesmt equal superior either. Ill keep my more political ideas to myself. But lomg story short, youre on an Extreme Alternate Interracial sex thread criticizing a post for being what most would deem "extreme". Why? Inferiority complex?

Hungarian wife

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My dildos. Little, normal, bazooka! :p


Comparison with normal size. :D
cock_1.jpg cock_2.jpg cock_3.jpg

My favorite size! :sex:

Dick_1.jpg Dick_2.jpg Dick_3.jpg

The biggest thing that can fit in me. :threesome:

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

Often I will show my husband how much he fit in me. This is I enjoy it. I almost wet the bed with laughter when he insert his dick after the pumpkin. Like when the little mouse run in the bear cave! :bounce:
There is nothing better than idea of little dicked white boy standing side by side beside a superior black man while his sexy white wife has a full view of the sheer size difference. Anybody else feel the same?
Of course....Humiliation of little dicked husband is always good..... Just one more reason for being proud of being a cuck!