Humiliated Husband

As I walked into into the office my mind reeled from the images of the night before. I walked a little gingerly from the lingering discomfort around my bruised wrists and ankles not to mention my anus. Having left directly from the house I had no time to shower as I had to make an 8:00am meeting. Meanwhile I knew my wife was laying beside a muscular Blackman that had introduce us to Mandingo parties the night before.

The meeting went well though I was not there mentally. My mind keep floating back to what I had done the night before. When I reach my office and opened my email there was a frightening subject line "your video... I own you now". I hesitated before opening. There as a single text link in the email. I lowered the sound on my computer and clicked it. To my horror they had video taped the whole thing. It stated with a black screen and audio only my wife could be heard having trouble catching her breathe as the sound of slaps could be heard along with her moans. Then I heard a familiar voice say "your next hubby, we just have to finished up on Jan." Then the video began. My beautiful 52 year old wife with on black guy in front and one behind with three waiting in the wings. The one in my wife's pussy started to grunted and said I'm cumming. My cock was throbbing again just like last night. He finished and the group rotated again. My wife cam harder with each new penetration. With the last guy finished, Jan sweating and exhausted lay there shaking. The seamingly nice man we meet earlier that night instructed my wife to "rollover bitch and don't leak any of your mothers milk. It's time for you husband to drink from the black cock goblet and assume his place as our slave. He's given up his wife, now he gives up his soul." I was tied rather uncomfortably to a custom chair with a thin metal rim for a seat. They tilted my chair forward so my ass was now exposed. Two of the men picked up Jan under her arms and legs and positioned her pussy above my face. Our master walked behind me and said to Jan "are you ready?" Her reply was "yes but don't hurt him!" The master laughed and said "this will hurt him, physically but more importantly psychologically." Jan screamed "I think we might have taken this to far". The master said "you two should have thought about that before he contacted me with your fantasy, the one you were obviously enjoying a few minutes ago when you were cumming on those black cocks." At that point he squirted lube on my ass and I knew what was coming, or would be. I felt the head of his cock rubbing on my anus, then the searing pain as he slowly pushed himself into my ass. You could tell he had done this before. He took pride in prolonging my pain and humiliation. He looked and Jan and said "you were right he is tight ass Jan, but I'm changing that!" The crowd of onlookers laughed and clapped. In my pain I had not realized I was surrounded by everyone that had attended the party. Some 50 people snapping photos and video taping the action.

The more humiliation the more turned on I got. The physical pain evolved to raw lust. Strangely I wanted this and the crowd could sense it. That's when I heard the master say "he's about to cum Jan. I told you he was nothing but a black cock faggot when he went to the bathroom and you didn't believe me." Then he told Jan to have the two black studs put her pussy to my mouth.

When her pussy was right in front of my face she said "it's time for you to drink from the back cock goblet and pledge yourself to my black husband." And at that point I knew I had let my perversion go to far. But I could not stop my wonton desire and I placed my mouth on her cum filled pink goblet and began to consume the mothers milk that flowed from my wife's used goblet, the one that had birthed our children. One of the men had begun to dittle Jan's clit and another slid his cock in her ass. She let out a cold wonton groan of pleasure. Deep in my soul I felt the pangs of an orgasm like none I had ever experienced. Time slowed - I was in the zone. The crowd sensed what was going on and cheered on shouting "drink it bitch", "it's over now cuck", "you two our now black cock sluts". The orgasm built as I greedily consumed the cum, I was awakened by my wife's screams of pleasure, my master's screams of pleasure as they both came in me. One in my mouth, one in my ass. Then I felt Jan's pussy pull away from my face and I now I staired at a big black cock covered in the contents of my wife's ass. My master donkey punched me to reality and pushed my head into the throbbing black cock in front of my face saying "suck it motherfucker - right here in front of your wife and the crowd." As the cock entered my mouth, Jan laughed and kissed her black daddy. The cock started to pulse and contracted, I knew my humiliation was about to end. A salty taste I had never experienced filled my mouth as my tormented yelled "I'm cuuummmmiinnng in this black cock faggots mouth!" The crowd went wild and I head Jan say in my ear "now you know what I felt like, and it's good. I knew you were a good husband. A fucking demented pervert, but a good husband that understand his place and what I want from him.

To be continued.
The video ended and I sat in stunned silence for what could have been a few seconds or an hour. When I came out of my trance my cock was hard and a large do spot on my pants betrayed the level of my arousal.

All I could think of was how innocently this all began. A fun date night in which an attractive professional black man sat next to us at the bar and started a simple conversation. He was smooth how he hit on Jan. Complimenting her dress and talking about his business trip, the light touches to her shoulder, arm and knee. After several drinks he said good bye but not before giving us his card. Jan seemed preoccupied during dinner. Once the car was started Jan commented on how nice Steve was and how much she enjoyed the conversation. Something was strange, she seemed focused on Steve. I asked if she had a man crush and she replied maybe.

We arrived home and she suggest we watch a porn movie to get us in the mood. She said to pour some wine and pick a movie while she got comfortable. She returned in her birthday suit and a pair of spike pumps. She looked awesome with her landing stip exposed for the world to see as she sat down.

I told her I picked a movie with an intense interracial scene to continue the mood. She sipped her wine and instructed me to fast forward to the scene. When the scene started she was intensely interested as a large black guy with a huge black cock dominated an older white woman. Jan's hand dropped to her clit and began to gently massage it. As the scene progressed the rubbing intensified. I leaned forward to kiss her neck and she quickly told me get go to the kitchen and grab the large cucumber she bought that day and between her legs and eat her now soaking we pussy. I happily obeyed.

As the on screen scene heated up I could hear the black man spankong the white woman and calling her unflattering names. Jan instructed me to insert the cucumber in her pussy. As it entered her hips seemed to take on a mind of their own. She responded to that vegetable like she had never responded to my advances. The bull on the screen told the women to cum and Jan replied yes in wonton voice I had never heard and moaned a loudly for a prolonged period of time as her legs shook and her toes curled. Then she yelled "I'm fucking cumming... I'm fucking cumming" and then abruptly folded me to remove the spent cucumber.

I started to climb on her and she said no that she was sore from the wild cucumber ride, and told me to use her feet to get off. So I slide my five inch cock between her feet and pumped until I was ready to cum shooting heavy load on her feet and toes. I feel back in exhaustion. Next I felt her wet foot at my chin and eagerly licked the cum off thinking wow what a night.

The next day at dinner I commented on the fun we had the night before. Jan agreed then changed the subject.

Several days passed and on a Thursday she
Oh Christ yes, how humiliating

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