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Well, lurox, if you're wanting everyone to say you have a small, white cock, I'm sorry to say you do NOT qualify. Of course, it doesn't require that you have a small cock to be a submissive, loser, white boi, just the gray matter between your ears.
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I have never had a boyfriend with small dick. I consider "small" all those penis with 12 centimeters long or less.
My husband has a 17 centimeters long cock and it's quite fat too. I must to admit that his cock was one of the most beautiful thing from him, even better than his face (he's really a handsome man with blonde hair and brown-green eyes). But despite his good sizes, he was not able to make me reach my orgasms as quickly as my ex black boyfriend who had a 16 centimeters long cock (one centimeter less than my husband).
But why? Because my ex knew how to turned me on. He used lick my nipples during at least 20 minutes. That made my pussy wet immediately. When he finally put his wonderful black cock in my vagina, I was so excited and he needed only two minutes to give me an orgasm.
I told my husband to make me the same things than my ex and all worked wonderful. He didn't feelt jealousy but he thanked me for tell him.

Comparisons between cocks from husbands and lovers are not the only way to humiliation.
During 2012 when my husband and me dated with my ex black boyfriend, once my ex and me were fucking in missionary and when he felt he was ready to cum, he asked me to open my legs (I was with my legs wrapped around his waist). Then he put his cock out from my pussy and went quickly towards my husband, who was sitting over a futom at the bottom of our bed. He put his black cock near his face and my husband automatically opened his mouth. My ex discharged some potent sperm shots into Rick's mouth screamming with pleasure. When he had discharged until his last drop, my husband swallowed his cum. Then my ex asked him to suck his cock a little until it relaxed completely.
When he told me that he had cummed on my husband's mouth, I thought it was the best for my husband, because he really loved my ex gave him superiority samples.