Hubby Wearing the Panties


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How desirous or comfortable would most hubbies here be if the wife/GF decides that now she's become a black cock slut, that he is now the designated panties wearer in the house? Also, that he must wear his panties outfit for when her black lover/Master drops by the house.

Would you agree or not?

Well, if a guy is giving his wife to another man I think he should wear panties in that mans presence. He really should try to be as femme as he can so theres never any confusion about who the real man is. I think it re-enforces things for all parties involved that way. What real man wants to look over and see hubby in a suit and tie? Hubby should at least do his best to make himself as attractive as possible. Especially if hubby is going to be taking bbc in his mouth or ass. He really would need to have a pretty face. I think hubby should be dressed fully in a maids uniform. As his role is supportive of them anyway. If they need anything it is hubbys duty to get it or help them with it. A maid's uniform will re-enforce to everyone who plays what role. You have the slutwife either fully naked or wearing slutty lingerie. The black God with his beautifully thick and long bbc. Then you have the maid. Ready to serve the lovers in any way they may need.


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Not usually my kinda thing but I was with a very dom bull one time and having a great time. Finished our second round and was playing around getting him ready for round three while hubby was licking me clean. The bull says to my husband "you want me to f*ck your wife again?" My husband didn't stop licking but nodded yes. Bull then says "put her panties on and I will f*ck her really good." I looked at my husband and he stopped licking, looked at me, got up and found my panties and put them on. Third time was the charm as I got it long, hard and deep and hubby creamed my panties. Worked for all us.