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Hubby shares me with his friends

I can not describe how it feels to be the only woman with 6 big strong Black men for a weekend getaway. I had been asking my hubby for a weekend of fun and boy did he sure cum up with a wonderful weekend of fun and pleasure. They were all considerate but all bulls and they knew how to use their hard thick stiff black cocks. We all gathered at a local bar for a meet and greet and grope session, I used this time to my advantage and in no time at all I had 6 big pieces of sausage tenting their pants. I wore a short mini with no bra or panties and every time I moves a lot off tanned white ass was exposed. I was feeling hands all over my body sizing me up as we all danced and got to know each other, I have to admit my pussy was so wet I was dripping my juice all over the floor, this was a dream cum true and my loving hubby fixed it all for me. After a hour or so of getting to know everyone we returned to our house so as my hubby put it a closer inspection of the merchandise. I was not inside the door to our house five minutes before I felt my dress being pulled off and a set of hands groping both ass cheeks. I surrendered to them all and felt all their hands exploring my body, this turned me on so much I was putty in their hands . I was pushed over the back of the couch and I felt my first big black cock spread my pussy lips and stretch me open and side down inside. I was so hot and wet it was no trouble as I moaned and felt the cock go deep and start sawing back and forth inside my pussy. I felt my hair being pulled up and a cock was pushed between my lips and I started to suck on the long thick cock. I was in bliss as I was being fucked from both ends and I started to smell smoke from the weed that was being smoked . Both men see sawed me good as I felt my orgasm hit me and I moaned hard as my body shuddered and shivered. The man in my mouth told me slut I am coming swallow it all which I tried to do but there was so much it dribbles from the corners of my lips . I swallowed as much as I could then I needed a breath . I was inhaling a gulp when my husband's best friend swooped in and kisses me exhaling the hit of weed into my mouth giving me a hard hit. I coughed and got some air as I felt the big cock inside my pussy drive deep and throb and I felt the hot spunk hit my pussy walls triggering my orgasm. I pushed back hard as the weed hit me as I cum so fucking hard the brother in my pussy cried out your are so fucking tight. Hearing his words made me go wild as I scream fuck me you bastard as I thrust hard back and forth wanting all that meat in my pussy . I heard my hubby yell out, " YOU HEARD HER GIVE HER THE MEAT!" I felt the cock in my pussy spurt a few more times then it was pulled out and another cock was thrust into my pussy.

To be continued :
I was in pure bliss as one after another cock was rammed into my pussy in a unbelievable gang orgy. I could feel my pussy loosening up as it got stretched out and got so sloppy, I was in pure ecstasy as my husband's friends fucked me. I was Cumming hard panting like a bitch in heat ,just wanting the next cock to satisfy my carnal desires. I was totally in a place that pleasure was my only need and desire , one of the studs grabbed my hips and pulled me up as I saw this big dark man slide in under me and start groping my breasts. I moaned I need some fuckmeat as my pussy felt empty , the brotha holding my hips , barked take his cock into your pussy bitch as I crawled onto the top of this man feeling his hard thick fuckmeat bounce against my body, I remember grabbing his hard thick cock with my hand and pointing it at my sloppy fuckhole as I lowered myself feeling his spear shaped cockhead pierce my puffy swollen pussy lips and slide deep inside of me , causing me to moan and my body to shudder as I took his length and girth to the max. I cum again as I felt it hit bottom inside of me and I cried out "Oh My Fucking God" feeling my boding shaking as I started to hump him hard. I rode him for a few minutes feeling his teeth nip on my nipples as I thrust down , then I heard the man behind me bark stop humping bitch , then I felt his cock slide against my tight ass crack and I knew that I was going to get dp'd. He toyed and teased me feeling his hard cock slide against my ass driving me crazy to a higher level. I felt by body shudder as I growled out in a demanding way "If your going to fuck my ass put it in and fuck it!" I heard him laugh ,then he said to my husband " You have a real black cock slut brotha!" He raise his open hand and brought it down on my ass cheek making me cry out ! Then I felt him thrust forward my brown hole stretched and burned as his cock rammed deep inside as I exploded again feeling my pussy clamp down and the brotha in my pussy moaned so fucking tight ! The cock in my ass started sliding back and forth as I felt my body shudder in pure lust . Both men soon got in a rhythm and I went nuts , my hubby was by my side , telling me to fuck their cocks off as I start to rock with both of the men. I heard my husband holler out she has a mouth and two hands open for use as I was fucked silly between the two men. Soon after I felt a cock being shoved into my mouth and both hands full of cock. I totally lost control as I was a piece of white fuckmeat for all these black bulls.

To be continued :
My huband shares me with his friends for 15 years now we both love it, I have on a couple occasions have left for the weekend of fucking and came back home well fucked and a cum filled pussy and one in particular always let my neighbors know that my hubby is a cuck when he comes over he kisses me fully before going into the house, for a good fucking,