Hubby Returned Home Pt. One


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A hubby returned home after a fitful day at work. His wife’s car is parked in the driveway and he smiles at himself as he enters his home. He drops his keys on the center table and calls out: ‘Honey, I’m home!’ as he walks further into the house and goes up the stairs toward his bedroom.

Then he stops when he hears something. It sounded like someone moaning. He wanted to dismiss it at first, thinking maybe it was their furry cat, but he hears it unmistakably again and this time recognized what the sound of that voice meant. It told him that fucking was going on inside his home. And it was coming from the master bedroom.

The hubby approached the door on light foot and inched the door open and peeped inside. His eyes widen and his mouth just about fell from its hinges at what he was seeing.

There was his wife spread on the bed and a black man knelt by the foot of it with his face buried between her snatch. The hubby saw his wife was struggling out of her clothes and moaning like crazy and rolling her feet over the black man’s shoulders. The hubby couldn’t believe his eyes. He ran his hand over his face and saw it was all true – his wife was seriously enjoying a black man.

He pulled his face away from the door when the black man came to his feet and started getting out of his clothes. The hubby heard his wife chucking and calling out at her lover to hurry up, she couldn’t wait any longer. Hubby brought his face back to peeking at them and saw the black man discard his clothes and then mounted his wife.

The hubby couldn’t believe what he was watching. This was better than any of the porn flicks he hid from his wife in his library wall safe whenever she wasn’t around. His wife had never warmed to the idea of wanting to watch porn with him, especially when it involved interracial which so happened to be his favorite. Yet would you look at her now? Would you look at what the bitch was doing? She’s gone brought a black man into their home – into their matrimonial room – and she was letting him fuck the shit out of her . . . and he was standing here enjoying it!