Hubbies who Watch Pt. 2

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It was a relief the day my wife came to me and made up her mind that yes, she was going to cuck me. It was as if all the months since I first brought the subject up with her I’ve been standing out under the sun, and now I was finally made to come inside from the heat. A lot of husbands out there who have passed through this same exact hurdle will agree with me on this that it’s not an easy thing to get the wife to start to see things differently. Where I work, I have more than enough free time on my hand to do nothing with myself. What else can I do except open my laptop computer and visit cuckold forums and read up the postings that other white bois just like myself have made. I have been everywhere:;;; hotwivesblog … plenty more I can’t recall. I stumbled upon this Shango blog sort of by accident when I saw your page at Literotica and couldn’t believe my eyes all the stuff you’ve been putting out here.

I love my wife very much and nothing pleases me to see her being happy.

Sarah was always a quiet girl even when we got married. She always preferred making love with the lights off, always conscious about her body, not matter how well I tell her how beautiful she is. Still she had a fire in her I couldn’t quench, and I know it’s a fire only a black man can handle. I get tired easily and can’t satisfy her enough most times, what with work and other stuff on my mind. it’s a good thing we don’t have any kids yet.

I don’t know how young I was when I got addicted to porn, especially interracial porn, and a good thing was that Sarah too actually enjoyed watching them with me. I thought it was going to be easy at first persuading her to be with a black man, but the first time she got mad and nearly threw me out of the bed to go sleep in the living room. But she’s such a sweet girl, and I knew it would take some time to talk and prod her along before I could get her to see things my way.

Months went by and a time came where I almost gave up. Anytime I brought the subject up she would give me those blazing eyes of hers that told me I was an inch close from pissing her off. yes, I almost gave up. In fact I guess I did, cos more than a month went by that I forgot to bring the topic up. How would I have known she too was thinking about it? How good things tend to happen when you least expect them to. It was an early evening on a Saturday and there I was in the living room watching some college football when she walked in the living room and switched the TV off. I was about asking what the matter was, then she pushed up her dress and brought one of her legs on the center table and I saw she was wearing a pair of stockings and high heels. I always loved fucking her when she dressed like this for me. Right there she reminded me about what I’d talked with her months back, about me wanting her to try on a black lover. It all came rushing back at me, and right there she told me she’d all this while being thinking about it and had made up her mind that she’d love to try it. I must have gotten a big smile on my face cos I got up and just about punched the air, looking like someone who’d just scored a touch-down.

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