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How would you like your wife/gf get blackbred ?

In your dream how would you like your wife/gf get black bred ?

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Black breeding farm....
Think about that for a second....
It won't be long before someone gets offended....
And a ridiculous war starts....LOL!!!
Why should they get offended?
It is a choice of the couple, everybody is free.
You're right, the war would be ridiculous
The poll should have an " All of the above" option.

If you can get your wife to take that first black cock, she will be hooked. Take that first step, then come back and vote and instead of it "in your dream", make it a reality.


This whole breeding thing blows me away we are not dogs,horses,cattle. So why would a woman of any kind want to go to a breeding farm,gang bang to be bred? What about the genetic line which is in the father and mother there are diseases we humans have that require match donor to cure so if the baby's baby or the baby gets one of these it will need to know that genetic line, father,father's father ect to find a match or mothers side. This in itself sounds like a Morie Poviigee show "I was The Product of a Gang Bang Breeding and Need to Know my Father" the envelops please? plus the embarrassing conversation when the baby ask why is dad white&mother too who was my black father??? Now if one father is picked and the baby knows and for instance is told that Dad could not get mother pregnant & we wanted children so our friend fathered you. perhaps this is another thing. Or if well we are c cuck couple and mothers bull is your father perhaps this might be ok too but damn weird to the baby.