How well do you know your wife's sexual past?

How well do you know your wife's sexual past?

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My wife was somewhat shy and embarrassed to share her past with me, but once she realized how much it excited me to hear how she used to have sex with her ex-boyfriends its become part of regular pillow talk. I just wish she hadn't been so conservative so she would have more to tell. By the time we were married Patricia had only had 5 sexual partners. I was number 6 and had never had a threesome or anything of the sort (or at least thats the story she's sticking to).

I love hearing about how she lost her viginity on her high school senior trip, how she gave her first blowjob and how scared she was that the guy would cum in her mouth, I love hearing about how someone eventually did cum in her mouth and how she realized that not only was it not so bad but that she actually liked it.

I love it when she tells about one particular boyfriend who used to rock her world in the sac, this guy drove her wild everytime he fucked her but as much as she loved the sex she could put up with him fucking other girls while he was with her. It drives me crazy when she tells me about how much bigger and better he was than. This was the same guy that wasn't afraid to kiss her after a blowjob and got her into snowballing. She loved it so much she did it with her next boyfriend and eventually with me.