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    Hey guys...I have regular encounters with a black soldier..hubby knows and supports ..knowing each other now for more the 4 month and having a real good time together he wants to go bare with me...I would love to feel his hot cum in me, but hubby refused. I have to admit, it was part of the deal but I can't help I am getting so horny thinking of his sticky cum in me that I am climaxing alone from thinking of it..I know talking hubby into it is no way because he refuses any discussion about it. So I am thinking of a little cheating producing facts...does anybody have an idea how to manipulate the condom so that it brakes surly..while fucking..without any hint of any manipulation?
    I have to admit he takes always care of the comdoms to make sure using quality products.

    Greets Stella
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    So much for honor and trust. That kinda sucks.