How to Treat a Cuckold

I'm a young bull that has been getting together with hotwives for the past 2 years. Recently, one of the wives I've been with requested that her cuck husband watch us together. Both of them are in their early forties and I find the idea incredibly hot, but I've never been with a woman while her cuck was in the I'm hoping some bulls, cucks or even hotwives can suggest some ideas on how to take control of the husband. She's expressed an "anything goes" attitude and I know that he gets off on the idea of a younger man controlling his wife.
It is always about pleasing the woman. I can tell you from experience that when everybody gets in the same bed together it is really hot! So don't be afraid to go there if she indicates an interest and the cuckold is willing, but don't push it in that direction. Focus on giving the wife your attention and make certain that she has a good time and feels appreciated. Be respectful and not demanding of the husband until they set the tone for what they want. She may want the husband in the corner or desire for him to interact more closely. Either way, your job remains the same. Have fun.
aak the wife whats she would like you to do to her cuckold before the actual meeting. Remember the wife owns the cuck husband and can do as she pleases so just do what she wants, many cucks like to suck and clean and some like to be fucked


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I walked behind them from the car upstairs to the room wearing a leash attached to a pinkish/red collar. As soon as the hotel door shut she made me strip down to nothing but my cock cage and collar. Next time she talked about having me wear panties. Such things normally depend on how much she wants her husband/bf dominated.

Next she pushed me to my knees and made me suck his big black cock hard. I'd never been a cocksucker before. I gagged a lot. She pushed my head down to make me swallow deeper. Said she loved seeing my eyes water.

They both used sharpies to taunt me a la wife-writing style. Spanked me with my belt. Used a thin metal ruler to swat my itty bitty balls. I held her so I could feel a real man pound her pussy. Afterwards she sat on my face and fed me his cum. They made me stand in the corner or facing the wall after he satisfied her sexually the first time or two. She also liked putting me on my knees to admit am inferior. In the end, it always depends on what she wants to do, and what you trust her to let happen. More domination is better.