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How to tell wifey


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yep watch porn 3some, read story's I'm old we started reading penthouse forums together the 3 some ones would turn her on. It was getting her to go black that was a bit tuff
when I first introduced IR porn,, I could tell immediately that she got really turned on, ( so did I ) we started having 3 somes but with white guys at first as we didn't know any blacks, until we meet a Realtor here in town for business, he was really good looking, she was the one that suggested that she would like to get together with him, I finally gave him a call, the rest is history,, until he moved away several yrs later


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Definitely role play in the bedroom. Buy a black dildo and sexy fantasy talk about her going with a black guy. She should get turned on, then take it from there.
That's how we started. Convince her you love her, that it's just fun and you won't be jealous afterwards. X
while having sex with her fantasize about watching her with a black cock then after several times doing that, start to fantasize with her while you're out in public....
Like I tell everyone planting the seed is easy!!! Just tell her you had a crazy dream that you caught her fucking a couple of black guys with huge cocks and it made you jealous but strangely turned on at the same time. Your forcing her to think about it regardless and later on tell her you had that crazy dream again. Do some kind of Google search and leave it open and when she asks you about it just tell her you were trying to find out about that kind of dream and she will become more curious herself and hopefully the seed will grow.