How to stop white erections!!

This is going to sound insane to some wives, alphas and superior black guys but to any white husband who likes to wear panties or has to wear chastity it is an issue!! How to stop yourself getting erect.

I use numbing cream when i'm in chastity. i'm given time each morning to apply it and it feels great. for about 2 hours my cock feels like soup. It's like i don't even have one. But when it wears off i go back to random uncontrollable erections. You wouldn't think 4 and a half inches could hurt anyone but it does..... me!! lol

Chastity has helped, i don't get erect nearly as often now but what methods (if any) do other cuckolds use to stop them? obviously female hormones would do it but i'm not pretty enough to be a girl. lol

Just so you black masters know, we can cum even without an erection. I know you guys worry about us. ;)


Isn't the whole purpose for you to get erect while in chastity so as to sexually torture you?
Yes Sir it is part of the frustration of being locked , my ex wife used to tease me at a point of crying and begging to cum and even if she realese my cock my hand where handcuff in my back and i only can rub my dicklet on the sole of her boots to try to cum
I've tried the monks paper for a while. It tastes awful and hasn't really done a thing!!! lol. chastity is definitely effective at stopping erections even if the point is to make them painful!!