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Could someone tell me what type of romance German women like? Are they traditional, like love letters, flowers, sweet nothings etc. or are they more modern and shy away from that sort of treatment, seeing a man as desperate or weak by showering her with affection? I am also interested in knowing what German women think about sex. I am dating a woman who makes comments like sex is not exactly at the top of her list but she will tolerate it. We have not had sex so I haven't a clue about how she is in bed. Maybe she has just never had good sex or whatever. Are German women open enough that I could just blatantly aske her why she might not care for sex for whatever reasons? She also does not like public affection. Whe will jsut barely allow me to give her a peck in public, a french kiss would be out of the question! She will allow me to hold her hand or put my arm around her in public, but otherwise she is not affectionate at all. We have only been in public so I am not sure how she would react in private. She tells me shi is much more affectionate in the bedroom. Ideas, comments or suggestions?